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Very happy and new info:-)

Finaly found a doctor who knows what he is doing:-) he is big advocate of NDTs too....says has very good results with it

He explained to me that my thyroid is not in such a bad state that tsh below 1 is needed,and the last doc w targeting exactly that so my ft3 lvl was low because i had been give too much 150mcg t4......

Finally someone who understands the delicate balance, and i think my n atural ratio between ft4 and ft3 is proven by this....i found for me to be ideally below 4 but most of time it was around those levels, in the summer my ft3 would dropp, so ratio shot up to 5.5, because during the summer we need less hormons , too much of t4 body balancs out in producing less the overtreatment by t4 can produce the same symptoms as undertreatemnt, almost the same thing found in anything in human body,

The ultimate king is the symptom: do you feel tired?

This doc is prescribing t4 + t3.....and he would start with 100+ 6.25 in my case but since i already started taking 100+ 25 he confirmed body is very sensitive to chnage in t3.......and told me to try it for 10 more days...if it wont work then to go through that rough period

Also i like he adjusts hormones by the winter and summer, and i found this to be true...since my ft3 dropped in the summer first time, when i was on 100 t4.....obviously too much ...

This again tells me something if my thyroid was doing 40% then i needed onlz about 65 mcg and not more, the excess was turned into rt3

So i think the best thing is to be below 100 mcg t4 and combining with some t3---ofcoirse this not valid for people who dont absorb well, or have some other issues.....this is equal to theroy of what body produces, and what was similar to my case too

This was worth the money pazed

And one more thing ,this doc told me almost every person has some problem with thyroid:-) just many dont even know:-) .....and he never mentioned autoimune thing and how ill i am, but said this all comes from unnatural lifestyle i.e. we dontnhave natural time to relax, 8 hours work, 8 hours social life, art, relaxation and 8 hours sleep, this is i think true as well.....

And he said every thyroid that has tsh above 2 needs little support!


Happy...maybe i am a bit overmedicated with this 100+ 25....but doc told me its such a small dose that there is no fear of heart attack lol

So want to tell you each case is very individual, not every thyroid is in the same degree of damage, and the best is to be guided by symptoms and dont tarteg numbers to certain lvl , more important are ratios....

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Ivy, it sounds like your new doctor takes a holistic view. I'm glad you've found someone you have confidence in and can work with. :)


Exactly:-) he spoke to me for 1 hour, and told me every doc has his/her own theroy, that he tried pushing numners and noticed that its not working and he doesnt like to see tsh too low, he said this means you are too wired and not letting your thyroid do any work......etc he is open to discussions and this is so important, also told me if this 100+ 25 wont work in 10 days i must go through 100+6 ...and i just wonder how would that look you know maybe? I should endure he said..then we can work it up.....but i imaginenthings can be worked down as well lol:-)

He is prescribing natural hormons and says this has proven to be working very well....really happy for that....

This is what i was telling body can adjust to alsmot any dose you give it:-) i was probably overmedicated:-) ...but found out that good food and supplements do work:-) when i chnaged that my ft3 was only falling!!!....i needed less hormons! This made me happy...and rough periods i had from 100 to 150......was a sign i am overmedicated , thats when my fatigue came back..and was in intervals, feelingngood then sudden drop...etc....and finaly i wont think about autoimune anymore:-) he never mentioned it one time!


Bravo ivy. I'm glad you found someone who doesn't just laugh things off and explains things to you human to human. I'd like to say you are lucky but mostly you are tenacious. Good that it has paid off.


thank you dear gabkad :))).....oh good docs are never afraid of patients nor annoyed by them...but are rare , so true....this man made a name here in Croatia and was my last hope, 3rd time luck for me :)


numners? (horse clothing last time I looked)


lol numbers:) i just dont have patience to correct mistakes :) maybe i am overdosed lol.....i may well be this doc told me so.....that i probably am but give it a try another 10 days....


sorry, I couldn't resist a giggle.... :)

great news you have found a decent doc - I could do with a trip to Croatia!

and thanks for highlighting the need for seasonal adjustments to meds, I think a lot of us forget about that. Jane :D


yes its really not so far :)......i know i am terrible at spelling lol

btw when i was increased from 75 mcg to 100mcg my period shortened to 23 days and i had it regular every 28 days for years :)... i think it takes like 6 months for a body to settle down on one dose.....i managed to get back my rythm.....and it took me months so that on 130 mcg dose i had my TSH at 2.4 again :) then on 150t4 i was stoned at 1 TSH and 0.67 :) lol just 20mcg can be huge difference....this doc does these summer /winter adjustments.....

i think many people try to search for holy grail and all their problems are solved in 1 pill :)...this is what i was questioning myself in the search of feeling good..and this is not so.....because hypo people start on very bad mineral-vitamin positions and it takes years for those to improve....



Brilliant news! :)

Please can you email me and let me know who this is - thank you! :)



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Hi. Please could you email me and let me know who this is? My email address is

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I would be really grateful. Thanks.


oh folks i did not mention i am in Croatia, Zagreb.....and this doctor is probably the only one in Croatia that has this knowledge , but i am sure there must be in London someone who really knows what he is doing....and is honestly interested in the subject.....

and gave me an email if i need something while on vacation :) he is really nice man!....did not feel intimidated by me coming with excel sheet and graphs in his office lol :)


So pleased for you Ivy, wish we all had a doctor like this lovely man.


Great news ivy77 very pleased for you:-) How I wish I will find such a doctor one day....


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