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GP listened!

Hi all. Thank you all so much for all your input, it is such a wonderful thing to have this site where we can all support each other.

I have just been for an update with my GP this morning - the one who had me admitted to hospital last month due to high BP / fast pulse and heart banging forcefully in my chest. I gave him an update on all the other appointments the consultant physician dealing with me at the hospital has sent me for (24 hour ECG/ 24 BP / 24 urine collection / consultant ophthalmologist / consultant Endo). How I am very pleased with amazing after care etc.

I discussed the Endo consultation in more detail.... how he just said by looking at me I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis ... my concerns over finding the right treatment to support my conditions. I spoke about my concerns that I had been offered B12 injections by another GP in the practise but how the Endo had said do not interfere until results are back.

I said I was rather confused - I explained that the Endo has NOT checked Intrinsic Factor antibodies (so the retest for B12 will just come back as low again without knowing whether it is PA or not) and has not done specific TPO auto antibody check so would basic 'thyroid receptor' test prove Hashi's - thought it was for Graves? I suggested that by knowing - I could keep an eye on whether there was a possibility that I may become over medicated - as had clearly happened last month.

I was really pleased that he listened and I said I would like to go to my Endo app on 28th August with more knowledge. As I needed my annual Iron profile / ferritin checking anyway (haemchromatosis in family), he has agreed to my having the following done. I am going back this afternoon:

TPO Antibodies

Iron Profile


Autoantibody Screen

Intrinsic Factor A/B

I did ask for vit D and corrected calcium but he didn't put this on. I am sure there were others I should have asked for but felt like I had already asked a lot so didn't push it.

Do you think the TPO and IF will be sufficient to show either way?

Thanks in advance,


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Bestbuddy, Your GP sounds very supportive and helpful. Positive TPOab will show autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). I'm not sure whether negative IF conclusively rules out Pernicious Anaemia there is more information in this link


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