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Second opinion?

I am a 36 yr old female, currently unmedicated, with many hypo symptoms - predominantly fatigue & a fuzzy hangover feeling most of the time but a few other symptoms too.

I've had two blood tests so far... the first in December showed elevated TSH (7.5ish), the second in April was just about within "normal" range 5.12 (0.5-5.5). I was also very low on vit D in December so was put on high dosage tablets for a couple of months. Last week after encouragement on this forum I insisted on another test as I still feel so rubbish. I got my blood test results back today & they are as follows:

Iron 15 (7-32)

TSH 8.38 (0.35-5.5)

Free T4 11.8 (10.3-22.7)

It also said "Thyroxine dose may be slightly increased" - that's amusing given I'm not medicated!

Cortisol 565 (9am: 140-690, 12mn: 75-175, Post Dexamethasone: <60)

Vitamin D 68 (75-200)

So I've been put on more vitamin D tablets & told to have another test in 3 months. Seriously, I gotta wait & feel rubbish for another 3 months?!

Ok so I know it was borderline 3 months ago but tbh I may have had the test in the afternoon which would have affected it right?

I've booked another appointment for next week with a different doctor at the surgery. Just thought I'd ask for opinions in the meantime & whether it would be prudent to ask for a trial of Levothyroxine? And how do I go about broaching that subject?

Thanks all


Ps I did post yesterday about private Endo's too, I guess that's my next option if the other doctor isn't prepared to help, I'll ask for a private referral but tbh I'd rather not have to do that!

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You've had two blood tests with your TSH above range. Even the most cautious of doctors should be treating you. A one off blood test above range should be checked after six weeks in case it's a blip but this clearly isn't a blip!

Personally I would demand a trial of thyroxine and certainly not wait 3 months!

If you don't get any success with this doctor, you need to see someone else. You should not be left to suffer like this :(

I hope you get treatment soon

Carolyn x


I hope you get better luck with another GP. The fact is that doctors are told not to medicate until the TSH is 10 whereas the should consider clinical symptoms also. In the USA they have brought the TSH down to 3 for medication. These are a couple of links which you might take to your appointment and ask for treatment as you have clinical symptoms and are suffering.

doctors are unaware of this phenomenon


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