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Hi, been under active for around 8 yrs now. Tiredness/fatigue getting worse, thyroid results normal. Had Ferritin etc tested that came back at 30, doc said normal but I've seen a lot of posts saying this is low and I'm really confused now!! Also suffer twitchy legs which at times, I could cry with. Been referred to pain clinic for rest of aches and pains so will see what that brings. Thanks

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NHS GPs consider any result within the range as "normal" but its not

Ferritin MUST BE AT LEAST 70 or your body cannot convert Levothyroxine which is R4 into T3 which your cells are screaming for hence why you have all those symptoms

I have posted the research papers to prove it under the heading "more on Ferritin and Folate " on the forum

A search should bring it up then you can ask your GP to read it

meanwhile you need iron plus at least 500mg Vit C 4 hours away from thyroid meds takes several months to pull ferritin up to 70

One poster on ths site had their endo tell them it must be over 100

Its the effect of Hypothyroid that depletes ferritin and a host of vitamins and minerals and just giving thyroxine does not cure that

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With your complaints, it would most probably have been better to make sure you were on optimum medication.

First, what you must do is, if you've had a recent blood test for your thyroid gland, is to get a copy from the surgery, with the ranges (these are important in order for members to comment). Ferritin is far too low and should be around 90. If you haven't had a Vitamin B12, Vitamin D as well, ask for these to be done as they give symptoms too. If you need a new Thyroid Gland blood test ask for a full thyroid function test labs probably wont but there's no harm in asking.

Don't take levothyroxine on the morning of your blood test, get the earliest possible appointment as TSH is highest then. Take levo afterwards. Get a copy from the surgery, with the ranges as these are important for members to comment.

Vitamins/minerals are important and this is a link, the last three help in the conversion of levo to T3 (the active hormone which enables our body to function normally).


My GP says ferritin should be over 60. I feel rubbish any lower.


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