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Tiredness :(

Hello everyone! I wonder if anyone feels like me? I take 1 grain Armour at about 5am then go back to sleep until about 8am. I have terrible trouble waking up and getting going though and could easily spend another hour in bed! I would have thought I should feel ready to face the day. I take another 1 grain at 12 lunchtime and this may see me through although I might need a short afternoon nap. I have been reading some posts about exercise and going to the gym, I couldn't contemplate it. I am 56 years young, I muck out my horse and then going for a ride for about an hour, just walking and a bit of trot work, most days. Other than that I do general household jobs, like all ladies. If I go shopping then that's about it for the day. Am I unusual?? (most of my friends would say yes - ha ha) Thank you to anyone who responds.

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Have you ever had:

1. Iron - ferritin and haemoglobin

2. vitamin D

3. vitamin B12 and folate

tested in the last 18 months?

If not you need them tested.

BTW I saw some of your thyroid hormone results and they look about right and @Clutter advised you to increase by a quarter of a grain. Did you?


Hi Bluebug, thank you for taking the time to reply. I am having B12 jabs every 3 months. My doctor wouldn't do Vit D & Ferritin so I was thinking about using an online blood test so that I can do my own. I didn't take any extra at the moment, I would love to but the Endo I saw recently told me to take 1 3/4 and go back to him. I have increased it to 2 myself already, I thought he might be quite annoyed if I said I had increased it to 2 1/4!! I feel like it though! I am so grateful for all the help and advice on here from people who know how we are feeling!! Thank you Bluebug. I will get the tests done. :)


When we take NDT, it is usual to begin on a dose and after about week taking note of your symptoms and how you feel etc. add 1/4 and so on until you feel well.

This may be helpful:


Thank you very much Shaws, I was just worried that my TSH would fall to "O" or a minus figure. I have had some really difficult times with doctors and endo's since the onset of Hashi's as have the majority of the ladies here. I finally found one who would prescribe Armour and I am trying very hard to be patient and work with him but I now have a wealth of knowledge from your wonderful site and would be happy to increase but I would be disappointed to "go behind his back" and make him cross. Having been so let down by previous doctors etc I am hoping this endo will help me. Mind you, he has still only asked for TSH, T4 and Free T3, not the others which I feel are needed. Banging my head against a brick wall comes to mind! Thank you for your reply Shaws. I will take a little extra tomorrow! :)


My last decent Endo when he first met me said TSH andci thought gerexwe go again but he surprised me and continued with-if taking any form of T3 will be suppressed and may even be zero! Thank goodness as it was 0.01! He then continued with FT4 can drop down as far as half way and FT3 should be towards top of range! Not many realise that you read the results differently and the only really accurate one is the FT3!

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Thank you very much for your message silverfox7. That's very interesting indeed, it is so difficult isn't it. I have been fobbed off by many doctors and an endo, they make you feel like you are lying. The knowledge we get from this site is amazing!


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