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Weight gain and tiredness

Hi thanks for the add I'm new to this . I've been found out 10 years ago was hypothyroidism I was give 150 ml to start off with don't no what my levels were but he said they were very high.. I was so tired felt like my blood was boiling wanted to murder some 1 and when telling my Heath visitor she was trying to tell me I had depression which I new I didn't!!! Any way got the tablets and started to feel normal again .. over the years it has decreased to 100ml and have been at a stable weight for years but now out of no where I have started putting on again.., I am very active and watch what I'm eating but my weight is going up I have been to the doctors and he looked at my levels they have went from t4 17.5 - 15.4 he said he would take another test as said he could see it was getting lower and might up my tablets but I have had them back and they are down at 11.4 and he is saying there still normal??i have no idea what they are supposed to be nor do I no any of my other results is this normal? Thanks

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Welcome to the forum, Skydivegill.

Please ask your GP receptionist for a printout of your recent TSH, T4, and, if tested, T3 results and ranges (ranges are the figures in brackets after the results). Post them in a new question and members will advise whether you are optimally dosed or whether you should request a dose increase.

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Why do I say I'm asking for them if she asks me? Thanks



You aren't obliged to say why you want your test results and ranges but you can just say you want them for your own records so you can monitor your levels.


Hi Skydive, low thyroid messes up your dopamine and personality among everything else. Sorry you are relapsing if that is what this is. Do you have hashimoto's which means you have to deal with gut issues, dropping gluten and maybe dairy. We always ask for a print out of our blood tests and the more, the better. I'll link a page to tell you what the tests should look like for thyroid. Naturally if your FT4 is dropping you may need an increase in dose. Just because you are in the normal range, it is low and will possibly go below range. Don't allow that if you can help it. Ask for those results with ranges.

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Welcome to our forum and am sorry you have been diagnosed for ten years and not much forward in the way of good health

First thing to do - if you've not had a recent blood test for your thyroid hormones, is to make an appointment to have your thyroid hormones checked. The doctor may only do TSH and T4 but (you can drop a note into the surgery) should ask for a Full Thyroid Function test and say you've taken advice from the NHS Choices for dysfunctions of the thyroid gland.

You have been advised to get TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies. Also check Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

The appointment (always) has to be at the very earliest possible and allow 24 hours gap between your last dose of levo and the test. You can put a reminder/alarm on your phone the night before and also remove your hormones to elsewhere until after your test as some may take them before the test which would ruin the results.

Always get print-out of your results and they must have the range. Ranges are important as labs differ and it is easier to comment on them.

Doctors in the UK know little about the function of the thyroid gland and the hormones which have to run our whole metabolism from head to toe and we need optimum hormones to relieve all symptoms, not just get us somewhere in a range. We are all self-taught on this forum and many are now leading a healthy life.

If optimally medicated you should have no clinical symptoms. Tick off the ones you have for your next appointment with GP.

The aim is a TSH of 1 or lower and a Free T4 and Free T3 towards the top of the range. Vitamins/minerals should also be towards the top of the range as deficiencies can also cause symptoms.

We are entitled by Law to have copies of tests but some surgeries may charge a nominal sum for paper/ink.

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Thanks I've just had done on Wednesday but I don't no if it was a full test or not I will go to doctors and get a print out thanks for your help


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