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It's a heat wave and not hot and also very tired

Feel like all I do is complain but I only complain about my health on here. Which is great as you can get it off your chest. I got the doctors in the morning so fingers crossed I get tested for more stuff. Just feel cold and tired a lot and always fall asleep when come home from work. I do work with about 80 children a day so it's hardly surprising. Is there any vitamins anyone can recommend for tiredness as I want to stay on the level of levo that on. X

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Best to complain and look for support here rather than be upset by seeing friends and family glaze over :)

Ask for a thyroid blood test inluding FT4 and FT3 plus ferritin (stored iron), vitamin D, B12 and folate. The mins and vits are often low/deficient in hypothyroid patients and can cause fatigue and other symptoms similar to hypo.

50mcg is a very low dose and I suspect you are undermedicated and need more Levothyroxine. Post your bloods results with the lab ref ranges and members will advise what vitamins may help.

In the meantime 1-2,000mg vitamin C daily helps cortisol levels and T4 to T3 conversion.


Thank you. I have an app tomorrow and will ask for a print out. Will post them on here. X


I saw this too late to be of help with your appt today, but exhausted Adrenal glands will contribute to tiredness, and will reduce your body's uptake of your teeny tiny dose of Levo. If the measures the doctor puts in place today don't help you, this will be worth mentioning. There is a blood test for it. Or you could just start supplementing. There are several good supplements on Amazon.


Hi Happy-go-lucky, I've been there, had all the simptoms, doctors will never help....... that is WI-FI ( EMF sensitivity) WHAT IS ELECTROHYPERSENSITIVITY. Switch your wi-fi in your home, a specially at night, or better go wired. An Amalgam fillings (mercury) may increase the symptoms. . Read this all, please, befor you go to a doctor. Take care.

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Hi, I am not sure of any vitamins apart from B complex but I have recently started taking a herbal supplement called Rhodiola Roscea and i have to say it's been brilliant for helping with my energy levels (I also have M.E with hypothyroidism)....I bought the herbal drops and take just 2-3mls a day in a glass of water :-) hope this helps!


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