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feel so very tired and fatigued and blood test results

my lastest blood test results are

tsh 1.5 (ref range 0.30 - 5.50)

ft3 6.5 (3.1 - 6.8)

t4 3 (10-22)

my gp says they are normal range but i am so fatigued and tired which has got worse worse. also my basal temperature in evening is around 34.8 which i think is low.

i am on 40 mcg of t3 and no thyroxine as have had terrible side effects from it. ie my body thermastat does not work. i go boiling hot or freezing cold and feel very ill. i am seeing endo on wednesday but he will probably agree with gp that i am in normal range. i know there is something not right.can anybody advise me at all


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I would see if the endo would test Adrenals, Vit D, Iron and B12.



Your Dr.seems happy to give T3, which many find difficult to get on- he/she must be needing some help from Endo, now. The figures do look odd- T3 only maywell throw T4/T3 ratios about.

Would it be worth getting estrogen level checked as thyroid issues can affect other hormones?

Good luck! - it sounds like you're going through it. Stay posted..


Am I imagining things or is your t4 only 3 !

At which case surely this is seriously low and you need t4 in combination.

Good luck . With this but also the tsh is high at 1.5 as most people only feel better when it's below 1 .


Hi when you are taking t3 your readings are all different. your t4 now is just what your thyroid is making itself but it doesn't matter because it converts into t3 which you are taking. That is the active hormone. Your tsh doesn't matter either because the link is now broken between the pituitary and the thyroid gland. Your t3 could possibly go up a bit yet but I don't know by how much. It can be over for some folks on t3 meds, plus you are on quite a low dose if you are still feeling so ill. Ask if you can up the t3 to maybe 50 or 60 but you may have to do it gradually. I am not medically trained.

Jo xx


Hi, I'm not sure if you have read "Recovering on T3" by Paul Robinson but I think it is a must read for anyone taking T3 hormone. It has a lot of information on blood test results for those taking T3 and how they shouldn't be relied upon solely as a reliable guideline for diagnosis or treatment. It has lots of other information on other possible deficiencies which can result in ongoing symptoms and also discusses a method of timing of your doses which can dramatically improve the response for some people.

My T4 levels are suppressed when I take T3 and my TSH is very suppressed.

It may be that you have a good endo but if you don't get anywhere with the NHS, (as so often is the case), it may be worth a trip to see one of the doctors recommended by Thyroid UK if you can.

Good luck.


Thanks for all comments. I am seeing endo tomorrow but don't hold much hope of him Helping me as told by gp blood tests are in normal range. I will ask for some blood tests to be done. I would like to try armour thyroid as synthetic thyroxine makes me feel worse but cannot see I will get prescription for it off endo. I have felt so tired and fatigued to the point of near collapse and sometimes cannot keep my eyes open. My basal temperature is very low sometimes at 34.8.



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