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Price of Liothyronine

The CMA is currently investigating the case of liothyronine and will decide whether to proceed within a few weeks. If anyone hasn't already done so they should complain to the CMA about the liothyronine price hikes explaining the effect it has had on them. i.e. ability to get prescriptions, having to buy over the internet etc.

To complain submit a form under the section about Businesses abusing their ‘dominant position’.

This is our last chance to do anything about the price of liothyronine as the new Act going through Parliament will be ineffective due to the small fines it proposes.

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Thank you for letting us know the CMA is currently investigating the case of liothyronine. I was one who wrote a complaint. How did you hear that they are doing something? Let's all hope big time.


I complained some time ago and posted details but if I recall correctly complaints had to be in by last month.


This is the note announcing an extension .


Would it be possible for TUK to make a complaint as an organisation?


WildDeer, your question really needs to be directed to lynmynott at Thyroid UK. Lyn may see this thread when she's back in the office next week, but if you wanted to, you could also email her on

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