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Lab Results - HELP

Hi guys ... can someone advise whether these results are to be concerned about ... the returned results contained no reference ranges for some reason, though these are a direct printout from the Dr's.

Serum Folate 6.4 ug/litre

Serum Iron 10.1 umol/l

Serum Ferritin 99 ng/ml

Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity 39 umol/litre

Serum Potassium 5.2 mmol/litre

Serum Sodium 148 mmol/litre

Serum Magnesium 0.77 mmol/litre

How would I find reference ranges for these or could people advise if these are either out of range or sub-optimal.

Many Thanks


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Dan you could phone the surgery and ask what lab they use for blood tests. It may be the local hospital and if so, you can phone the lab and ask for the ranges they use. Labs vary throughout the country and it makes it easier for members to comment.


Hi Dan,

you really do need the reference ranges, as each lab is different.

you can phone the docs and ask for the reference ranges, or if privately done, the clinic and htey will give them to you.

One you have them, please do post again and let us know - then we will be able to advise (even if your results are in the range, sometimes the amount within range is important too)

Big Hugs,



My bad ... forgot to post these. Any help or suggestions as to why I am feeling so shoddy would be much appreciated. Wondering if the High-ish Sodium/Potassium is indicative of anything. Thanks in advance.

Serum Folate 6.4 ug/litre - Range 5.4 - 20

Serum Iron 10.1 umol/l - 11.6 - 31.7

Serum Ferritin 99 ng/ml - 12-300

Serum Potassium 5.2 mmol/litre - 3.5–5.2

Serum Sodium 148 mmol/litre - 135 to 145

Serum Magnesium 0.77 mmol/litre - 0.7–1


Dan, iron is below range although your ferritin is good so I would ask your GP why and whether you should be prescribed iron. You can ask whether sodium above range is an issue too. Has your B12 been tested?

Folate should be high in range so you may like to supplement methylfolate to raise it but wait until your B12 is tested.

My understanding is that serum magnesium is useless in determining what cellular levels of mag are. Magnesium should be taken until your bowels become loose and you cut back to the previous dose to find the right supplementation dose. RDA is 400mcg (avoid mag oxide as it isn't easily absorbed).


Dan, you can contact the hospital lab which analysed the results and ask for the ranges if your GP practice doesn't have them.

Ferritin is optimal at 70-90 although the range may go up to 300. I can't tell about the others without ranges.


The ranges are all there now Clutter ;-)


To the right of each value


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