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Has anyone on this site heard of this new natural way of treating bloating and ibs?

I came across it by chance and have ordered some pills. Not allowed to give the name of the pills on here but you can hear all about it on you tube by searching for: What is a precisionBiotic? Dr. Mark Rowe.

It sounds exciting to me because I have suffered from IBS for twenty odd years making my life a misery.

I just wanted to share this with you all ( you may have heard about it anyway) cause I always seem to be the last to know! Lol

It takes around 3-4 weeks to work so I will report back to let you all know how and if it works for me.

Also it is for crohns and colitis apparently. Could be a breakthrough for gut problems. I HOPE SO.

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Actually, providing you confirm that you have no personal interest in the sales of the meds in question, you CAN put the name. :)

What is NOT allowed is the address of where to purchase UK-Prescription Only meds without a prescription and I assume that this is NOT prescription only?

Hope this helps!




Dr Mark looks a bit like Christopher Eccleston :)




Do you like Christopher Eccleston then.?


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Sometimes..! :)

I'm a HUGE Whovian..


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Christopher Eccleston is quite a dish. Looks like one of my ex boyfriends...

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Hello win_4ever,

With what has been going onlately I think we are all a little confused.

Guidelines only state you can not name a doctor or a website, another person in a shameful manner or advertisements.

You are allowed to name any products that you would like feed back on or have found to be beneficial (or not) as the forum is about sharing and supporting each other.

I presume the product you refer to is a prebiotic food supplement called B.Infantis 35624 or known as Alflorex in Ireland. The video explains it works by healing an inflamed gut wall and should be taken for a minimum of four weeks.

If you were very computer savvy you could even post the YouTube direct link as others often do.

Thank you for sharing this as it could be very beneficial to many others as we all seem to suffer from one gut issue of another. I would be interested to hear how you get on.

Good luck



There are several websites which outline all the benefits of the probiotic Alflorex. However, delving deeper, it seems its the answer for some peopke and not for others.

Hopefully it will work for you! Here's a link to a thread about it.

X g

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My bloating and "ibs" disappeared once I was optimally treated with Levo. Good luck with the trial though. Always worth a try.


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Thank you all for responding. I too found my IBS was improved whilst on levothyroxine very strange. But as levo didn't suit me in other ways I have switched to Thiroyd. So hope that this Alflorex will help me to have a life again. Am virtually housebound because of IBS.


Hi win-4ever,

I've also suffered from ibs for years and discovered probiotics a few years back. They worked to relieve my symptoms very swiftly but it was a more broad-spectrum brand and you have to continue taking them. One brand in particular works very well for me and yet another brand I've tried but which had very good reviews, didn't do a thing.

I've never heard of the specific one you mention but would be very interested in the results :)

Were you aware that a supplement of L-Glutamine can actually heal a leaky gut? That might be worth trying, I'm able to tolerate wheat products much better since being on it, though still take probiotics. I think they work well together.

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Thanks Emjaytee. Yes I have been on PROBIOTIC for years and I believe they do help but early not enough for the IBS symptoms I get.

It is wonderful to hear of yours and others testimonials they help people a lot, so thanks and yes I will post my testimonial in about 4weeks time about Alflorex.☺


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