Additional thyroid and vitamin tests: anyone used an EHIC to get these done while abroad?

I'm off to France for my holidays in a few weeks and know from experience, having lived there for five years, that French doctors and labs are most amenable to just about anything; I wondered about trying to get fT3, rT3, vitamin B12, ferritin and folate done. Has anyone else tried doing this and reclaiming the expenses on the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)? Although not technically needed to allow me to continue my holiday, I could go and complain about feeling unwell, my thyroid, etc.

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  • Hose, It's hardly a medical emergency so I imagine you'll be advised to see your GP on return to the UK.

  • I would just get the tests you need and treat it as a holiday expense. Maybe cut back somewhere else. It sounds like a good idea - what price health ?

  • You'll be Lucky if you get an rT3 done in France! Unless things have changed recently, there was only one place in the whole of France where you could get this done.

    And don't count too much on the amenability of French doctors, either, they're all individuals and all have their own ideas. The one I have at the moment - I've decided to call him Henri - refuses point blank to do iron (not necessary - but did ferritin), magnesium (costs €150 and proves nothing!), folate (that's always good - his words, not mine!), testosterone (women don't need it) and cortisol (it's either perfect or you're dead!). lol And according to him being hypo does not mean that you have difficulty absorbing vits and mins; hypo does not have an effect on cortisol levels: does not make your hair fall out or your legs swell. The only thing he will admit to is that it makes you put on weight. Well, that's something, I suppose.

    Good luck, Grey

  • Research yields the information that there's a chain of labs around Lille, where I'm going, that does all the bloods I want IINCLUDING rT3. The price of that test is listed as €78! Bargain, I say. In many ways it will be much easier to arrange than private tests in the UK. Won't bother to try to claim back, but will get ferritin, folate, vits b12 and d, free t3, reverse t3 and anti-gad because of incipient diabetes. Best to be comprehensive! :-D

  • Oh, and a prescription isn't necessary either :-)

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