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desperately need help understanding blood tests that doc says are fine

Can anyone help me to understand my test results please as I dont feel great but the doc says all is well.

Serum iron level 24.1 ref(10.7--32.2)

Vit B12 298 (211--911)

Plasma C-reactive

protein level 8.0 (0.0==5.0)

Serum ferritin 61 (20.0--291.0 Note raised crp. Ferritin value may be lower once the acute phase is over

Serum folate level 13.4ug/L (>3.4 Fasting sample preffered. Recent folate intake may mask deficiency

Serum TSH 0.01 (0.55--4.78) Below low reference limit

Serum T4 3.4 (9.0--23.0) below limit

serum T3 21.9 (3.5--6.5)

I had no idea I was having blood tests that morning or I would not have taken half of my daily T3 (50mcg) two hours earlier.

Red blood cell count 5.19 (3.9--5.0) Above high reference limit.

WhenI enquired if I needed to supplement with anything I was told No everything is fine, except T3 too high so I may have to see an endocrinologist.

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They might be fine - but maybe for some else!

Your B12 is pretty low for starters - when mine was that low I supplemented with sublingual B12. Your results even say that your TSH, T4 are below the limits and your T3 seems really high probably because you had just taken it that morning. No wonder you. Don't feel great. I'm sure someone will come along with more advice though.


Labs don't have a clue how to interpret blood test results for someone who is taking T3. However your FT3 is very high. Is 50mcg your daily dose or half your daily dose? It's not clear. If you are taking 50 mcg twice a day that's a lot and you could try taking less.


Hi yes I am taking 100mcg of T3 a day. While I was on Tibolone for the last 6 years I seemed ok but I was taken off this medication six weeks ago and I am having terrible hot sweats which I put down to withdrawal symptoms but could overmedication of T3 cause this.


Jacksprat, yes over medication can cause the sweats and make you feel quite unwell. Tibolone may have inhibited absorption of T3 and now you are absorbing T3 you may need to reduce it. Has your TSH always been suppressed? Low FT4 will be due to oral T3 meaning you bypass the need for conversion in the liver and kidneys.

Advise your GP that you had taken your T3 prior to the test and ask for a repeat test.

B12 <500 is considered low by most people excluding doctors who accept anything, anywhere in range as normal.

Ferritin is optimal at 70-90 but your iron looks fine so eating iron rich foods may be all that's necessary.

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