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Thyroid S - apologies for a daft question!


I've just received my first order of thyroid S - apologies if I'm being a bit thick but would I be right in thinking it only comes in 60mg doses? There's nothing on the paperwork to say what dose it is and just to confuse me the paperwork refers only to TS120 which I assume is how many tablets were in my order?!

I tried googling but it didn't come up with much and I just want to be sure that I'm not taking double the dose that I need!

Thankyou :)

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Hi Mishka, yes Thyroid-S only comes in 60mg (1 grain) sizes. To get half grains you can split the tablets which I do, and which I know others here do.


Thankyou very much Framboise, I shall attempt to split them with my super sharp cutter! Thanks again :)


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