Sorry, this has probably been asked before, but I'd really appreciate some input on Thyroid-S!

The reason is that I found an intra-community supplier of this drug (this supplier does currently not carry any other Thai brand of NDT).

I tried Thiroyd with excellent results a few years ago, but had the following shipment confiscated by customs. That made me hesitate to place another order, as I could not imagine going through the same anguish every time I place an order...which would be twice a year given my current dosage.

The long list of fillers in Thyroid-S makes me hesitate, although someone wrote in a post here that the aluminium content in Thyroid-S is lower than in many common drugs. So, maybe it's not such a big deal...although I cannot for the life of me understand why any drug manufacturer would need to put so many fillers in one single product...dye, excipients, solvents, God knows what?!

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  • I've tried nature throid and now on thyroid s and haven't noticed any difference to be honest. I changed brands due to costs and cant complain. I still have a long way to go on my journey though....

  • OK, thanks! It's true that most meds (prescription or OTC) contain a lot of fillers and binders, so maybe that is no reason to avoid Thyroid-S...

  • Yes but keep in mind I have no allergies whatsoever. The only thing I can't take is the pill. Makes me sick. But all other medications never had issues

  • Same for me! No allergies (not even the pill!). I can eat nuts, dairy, eggs, yeast, gluten, fish, shellfish, just about anything...but I just did not like the long list of ingredients in Thyroid-S. Not because I am allergic to any of the ingredients, but because I was worried about long-term effects on the organism..although I have to admit I have no idea what is in any other medication I take either, and that includes things like Vicks Vapo-Rub and aspirin for common colds...!

  • Have you got an official list of ingredients from the manufacturer?

    Even if you have, a simple list of them does not make it easy to assess relative proportions of things like aluminium.

  • No, I haven't. The only list of ingredients I have seen so far (not sure how official it is) is the one published on the STTM a few years ago...I wonder if anyone has managed to get an official list of ingredients, from any Thai manufacturer...? If so, it would be really interesting to see it.

  • OT, maybe:

    When I read posts like these, I cannot help but wonder: why on Earth isn't there a manufacturer anywhere, anyplace, willing to start manufacturing a product just like good old Armour again?!?! After all, the ingredients are well known, as are the proportions...right??? If Forest (or Actavis or whatever they are called nowadays) refuses to listen to patients, why could not someone else step in and say: "Hey! We know this product used to be great, and we will start producing just the same product again!"

    Instead, all manufacturers of NDT seem to be going in the other direction...that is, adding cellulose, or changing the drug in some other way (Erfa, although they continue to deny any reformulation), until there is nothing left for patients...except maybe synthetic T3 and T4, or Asian products sold as supplements...such a shame, when there used to be so many great products in Europe and North America...!

  • Drug companies are controlled by government, who really only want to make money from big pharma..but in an ideal world, yeah , makes total sense. We should all get together & do something about it!

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