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(Some) results back

(Some) results back

Hi all,

Got my results read out over the phone by the endo's secretary, so apologies as she wasn't clear - hopefully the letter will be sitting at home waiting for me.

Can someone tell me, please, if they are good/bad/require investigation?

TSH (range 0.35-4.5) - 2

T3 (3.1 - 6.8) - 5.4

T4 (11-26) - 15

Thyroid antibodies - told negative

Synacthen short test - 359 at 30 mins rising to 922 at an hour

I feel like death. The results (T4 and TSH) aren't as bad as they were a month ago, but diff lab and ranges, and different time of day, and I'm aware obviously that they can change on a daily basis.

Sigh. I thought this would be a magic bullet. Have been told there's nothing wrong with me.

Even my poor old tongue is getting worse! (enjoy this lovely pic haha!)

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Oh, and my bloods weren't drawn, despite it being a 9am appt, until 10:30, and they made me eat and drink when I got there, despite being told it was a fasting test before hand - would this skew results?


Shoopuf, I'm sorry the endo consult appears to have ruled out thyroid issues for now. I doubt the timing and non-fasting will have made significant difference to your TSH. I'm afraid your symptoms aren't going to be considered hypothyroid while your TSH is only 2. Your FT3 is just short of the 'ideal' 75% of range but your FT4 is low and far short of the 'ideal' >22.25.

Supplementing selenium and iodine may help with your symptoms and decrease your TSH

Is your ferritin 70-90 and your vitamin D high in range 75-200? Good levels of vitaminD aid T4 to T3 conversion. Deficient and low ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate can present symptoms very similar to hypothyroid symptoms.

Take your swollen tongue to the dentist for an opinion as dentists are far more clued up on oral issues than GPs.


It looks as though the edges of your tongue have indentations, or is it just the photo? If they are, the late Dr Skinner said this and an enlarged tongue are sure signs of an underactive thyroid. See his book, "Diagnosis and Management of Hypothyroidism".

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Hi hennerton, yes, I have indentations at the sides of my tongue which are deepening/getting more of them. Thank you - I'll check the book out.


....yes I have read that the pie-crust edge to the tongue can indicate Hypothyroidism - it is caused by the tongue swelling due to the low thyroid hormones and the teeth then press onto the edge of the tongue causing the indentations....

Also B12 levels need to be OPTIMAL - at the TOP of the range....


You won't get your doctor/endo to treat you until your TSH is over 4.5 on that range. That doesn't stop you self treating of course, you can get nutrithyroid or thyro-gold which, although marketed as food supplements, contain thyroid extract. There are others too. Your doctor shouldn't throw a wobbly if you take those because they aren't marketed as thyroid treatment. Some people just buy thyroxine online and treat themselves but doctors can get a bit sniffy about that. It depends how much you want to feel better versus how much you want to make your doctor happy.


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