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Awake it's 2am with my chamomile & honey tea !!! :-(

I am wide awake , would love to sleep Soo bad, at the moment I feel shocking. I do suffer a bit of insomnia during this time of month I have come on my period a few days early I never do or have in a while feel like a balloon & to top it off I am a aching to the point of crying sides ribs back, this is my biggest problem right now I am awaiting a full blood count and vit d , B12 etc results , I really can not carry on like this ! I am on Carbi 5mg daily , but I am in the normal range !! I am feeling scared now & anxious do I have to suffer like this until jan 15 when my endo who has discharged me ! I'm on the thyroid register no more bloods til sept , well I don't think so I will have to ask my gp to do them we can keep an eye on them. I'm 7months in on Carbi surely thought I would feel much better by now top of world, not ill does it take more time ! , I'm so desperate for vitimins to help support me I am a mum of a 2 year old & it's getting tougher :-(

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Oh you poor thing - it is horrible for you. It is hard enough coping with a little one on a full nights sleep but when you can't get enough sleep it must be horrendous. I woke at 3.00 and cannot get back to sleep but I went to bed early so at least I have had 5 hours. I cannot offer you advice but someone who knows will hopefully help - just want to give you sympathy and hugs x x


HI Binky, does the NHS not cover sleeping pills? I've been on them since 2001. Was in too much pain to get to sleep. There's ativan and other stuff that a person can occasionally take to help with what you are going through. I know there's people who absolutely won't take anything, but honestly, once in a while it's a godsend.

When we can't sleep it makes everything much worse. WE lie awake and our brains go into overdrive making up imaginary scenarios that are upsetting. Just to know there's a tablet in the cupboard that is an option to take when this happens is a comfort.

Everyone is always concerned about becoming an addict and then opt out of the temporary times when something can help. A good night's sleep is a great cleanser of the mind.


Hi Binky, Melatonin - off the Internet, I get Eurovital, it really helps me as does writing anything down that I need to deal with, on paper , an hour before bed. I am on 5mg carb every other day, I had monthly blood tests for over a year to ensure range OK, sounds like you need another blood test urgently.... acupuncture can help with sleep and pain xxxxxx


Poor you. This is another of those regularly reported symptoms of thyroidism that doctors happily poo poo. Mine told me my insomnia 'won't kill you'. Actually, I've read since, if it goes on too long it can be really bad for one. And you have a little one to look after, so can't sleep in. Doctors just don't absorb any of this when you tell them, do they? It's shameful.

Insomnia can happen with over- and under-active thyroid - so it's not certain which way the Carbimazole has pushed you; or you may just be reacting to the medicine. My doctor wouldn't contemplate sleeping pills. Which is perhaps a good thing in hindsight. And the complementary medicine tranqs and sleepers made me fiercely bad tempered (which they are apparently well known for doing).

As Tilly says, you must agitate for another blood test. And you might find you're better on the 'other' hyper medicine: propylthiouracil (PTU).

And/or you might try stopping the Carbimazole for, say, a week and see if your ability to get a restful night's sleep returns. Then you would have ammunition to take to the medicos about what is causing the problem.

Wishing you a good night's sleep soon!


Hello Binkynoo

First, an apology for my being a male replying to your post. I was going to the Parkinson's community when the title of your post stood out at me! I have had a lot of experience with insomnia and I feel that I can give you some pointers to consider to get you sleeping again and quickly.

You may want to discuss them with your doctor.

The first is 5htp tablets. These will increase the serotonin in your body which calms you down and assists your sleep. In the UK we can buy them in a health food shop. My next suggestion for you to consider is L Tryptophan which is a precursor to Serotonin which in itself is a precursor to Melatonin (Also involved with the Circadium Rythym).

You can buy L Tryptophan from Amazon.

Best wishes



Helloo everyone Thankyou for your replies, yeah my mind is defo doing overdrive Iv been in a@e this morning convinced Iv got something wrong with my stomach it's burst or something , it's because I know I'm on carbinmazole & achey so think

it's damaging me ! Iv had all results today kidney liver etc say all ok but surely they don't know if got a ulcer! Mind you feel sick at the mo due to the bug going about . I'm wondering if it's too soon to ask my endo who has

discharged me ! leaving me on 5mg to see if can go to every other day ? . I meant to get my copies of my results today I will get them all from gp next visit just wanna feel my best gonna try eat better relax naturally it's my birthday Friday great fun isn't it. !!! Iv also gonna go & talk to people cos I know my health anxiety has happened since being confirmed overactive thyroid too & still convinced Iv for RA with all aches & joint aches I can't except they are side effects from carbimazole !!. ThanXu everyone. Big hugs Binkynoo


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