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Hyper - results almost normal but insomnia

Hello again,

I was diagnosed with a mild hyper and no symptoms on July 3rd. A month later, I became symptomatic and my hyper was clear - TSH suppressed, T4 at 43 (9-19).

After one week of Carbi, my results are TSH suppressed but T4 at 20 (9-19).

I'm now at 2 weeks of Carbi, I'll have a blood test next week.

Nevertheless, I still suffer from insomnia - all other symptoms are gone.

Did someone experience the same issue? Can Carbi give insomnia? I'm a little lost to be honest and there is no appointment available at my surgery before September - I have no endo yet.

Thanks for your help!

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Gosh that is a long time to have to wait to see your GP. You do know that if you have any problems with your carb - throat / mouth problems - read the patient information leaflet very carefully and if you weren't given one Google and you will find one online anyway if you have any of the symptoms listed you MUST be seen at your surgery straight away and depending on the severity of your symptoms have a white blood cell test. I had one done first sore throat I had then went for wait and see next time. So if you have a problem don't take no for an answer.

To get back to your question - I was waking every night for a long time before I was diagnosed ( I've got Graves - hyper but with antibodies) it was mostly because my heart was beating so fast, I could feel it in my stomach so every time I lay in a certain way or every time my husband rested his hand on my abdomen, that was mostly what me.

I was also waking up feeling really hot and dripping with sweat. I started on 20mcg carb then after a month my bloods were rechecked and my T4 had dropped but not my TSH it was still at <0.03 (0.5-5.5) I was told it would have been less than that but that was as low as they go, so my dose was doubled.

I think it was probably a few months before I started to sleep really well. I have asthma which meant I couldn't take beta blockers for my pounding heart like a lot of hyper people do. Eventually after three months I started taking levothyroxine (my hospital treat with block and replace) and that was probably when I started to sleep properly.

I'm not medically qualified and I can only speak from experience but I'm not sure that it will be the carb causing sleep problems so much as being hyper. I wasn't sleeping long before I started carb and I wasn't any worse when I was in it.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. I have no palpitations at all, my heart rate is at 66 and I'm on 15mg of Carbi only.

After my first hyper 3 years ago, I started to develop insomnia with a lot of drugs - my progestin, vitamin D, antibiotics. That's why I'm wondering if Carbi could create insomnia for me.


I've just remembered seeing RFU's comments about melatonin - in my quest for sleep I eventually totally blacked out my bedroom my husband hates it - says the room is 'too dark' But I really dug my heels in and he usually goes into our spare room and joins me in the morning - when he opens my dark curtains! That has the added bonus that I don't hear him breathing / snoring and thus disturbing my sleep. Sounds mean but I found that disturbed sleep made me feel absolutely evil and grumpy so it's for the best :)


Thyroid disease of itself causes insomnia and would appear to be linked to Melantonin pathway

I don't think you can buy it here now but if you know someone going to USA its available there


Have been told about Cherry Active which produces a tart cherry juice which contains melatonin too.


Thanks for your answer. You can still buy melatonin in the UK, via Biovea for instance.


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