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Constipated on carbimazole ??

Hi everyone , on Carbi now 7months since may been constipated got worse went to Gp advised senokot., I do remember a member I think green hunger mentioned senokot , anyone else had those problems bloated awful wind pain seriously feel pregnant I'm so worried gonna have a scan to rule cysts out too , it's Soo bad

. I think P1pp1ns did mention bloating experience on Carbi too. any thing I can do :-( binkynoo

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I'm hypo so can't really comment about your meds but being constipated is a common thyroid problem. I'm a lot better now I am taking magnesium in my supplements. Too much magnesium sends you the other way though so increase slowly.


There is an alternative to Carbimazole if you suffer side effects: propylthiouracil. It's usually known by its acronym : PTU. I believe constipation is a recognised side effect of Carbi. They don't offer it, because it's more expensive. Report your problem, and ask to be given a trial of PTU. Senokot is not a good long term solution because your system will become unable to function without it over time.


Hi it was me who suggested a laxative, short term of course.

if this is an ongoing issue then it may be worth seeing a dietician and trying to improve or change your diet. I have become intolerant to eggs, sugar and bread or similar carbs. Even though I am now in remission and have not been on carbi for over a year, I still have stomach problems if I eat badly.

hope this helps.


Thanks green ginger , I'm kinda thinking my body is slowing down in a way , but I will def get checked out , it's just so hard I have got rid if shakes, palps , but gained stomach issues. Pains , muscle aches , constipation so it's all madness, but it's so easy to get down Iv lost myself a little so gonna try some supplements like clutter mentioned my b12 etc seem low. I'm sleeping a bit more tired recently. it's so nice to hear someone in remission , how are you feeling overall now ? do you still get checkups bloods?I really am keeping everything crossed I do my endo says I'm doing good so far ? But I would like to know my numbers do you think I should too. It's been 7 months don't feel Iv had a good month yet in the way I feel. Will keep smiling Thankyou Soo much big hugs binky noo, I'm going to get my results & post them on here soon. :-)


I too am on carb and have been for about 12 months and although I do not suffer with constipation, I do get terrible bloating. I am fine in the mornings, but come the afternoon, I look about 5 months pregnant. Until you mentioned it, I had not even thought about carb possibly causing it. I have been trying desperately hard to lose weight as have gained about 14lbs since starting tablets, but cannot seem to shift it at all, despite exercising constantly. So, no, sorry I have not got an answer but if somebody else has, I too, would love to know.


Hi everyone , I just had a thought getting worried along with all my stomach issues, I'm

Experiencing muscle pain like tightenings I'm gettting scared I also think this got to he due to deficiency and carbimazole I'm awake at the moment I have just become aware if it again , although it has got worse over last few week. Anyone else experiencing this too I'm hope it will go once for a better diet in place. Worried Binkynoo :-(


I have Graves and I am on Carbimazole. I only suffered from constipation when I was over medicated and therefore hypo. As my dose got less and my levels became more balanced the constipation went.

Before I was diagnosed, being hyper gave me dreadful bowel problems, the reverse of constipation!

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Thankyou, silver fairy, yes I was always going to the toilet , so it kinda makes sense it slows you down abit otherwise no nutrients last in our bodies long enough surely. I will get my bloods done how will I know if I'm going hypo ? I really hope on off it soon and can keep my thyroid naturally good, I'm just worrying what the Carbi doing to my body overall apart from the good. How long will you be on Carbi ? I'm on 5mg a day since jan 14 . Binkynoo :-)


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