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Help feel so poorly on 10mgs of carbimazole. T3 and t4 lower

Hi there i have posted earlier today and explained that endo has reduced my 20mg carbi to 10mgs yesterday and i am more symptomatic now and also my t3 and t4 have gone low. Which look similar to hypo readings now, can anyone tell me if you are showing hypo symptons and your bloods are showing lower reading, what would be the meds given or would it be just more titration of carbi. Just miserable to think i am feeling so poorly again and felt halfway decent last week.😣back to square one again.xx

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If T4 and T3 are low that will cause hypo symptoms. Your endo obviously thinks you are overmedicated on 20mg Carbimazole and that is why dose has been reduced to 10mg. Reducing dose doesn't have an instant effect, it will take a while for T4 and T3 to rise and for the hypo symptoms to resolve.


Clutter thankyou for your reply,i just dont understand how it works i thought he woyld change my meds to hypo meds, sorry clutter are you saying that i shouldnt notice a change as yet- even though i have already. I dont understand if im carbi surely my levels will keep going hypo?? I dont know- still learning, its like you get past one hurdle then another one comes along.😕



If your treatment is Carbimazole treatment Levothyroxine won't be added. It's only added to patients on block and replace treatment where higher dose Carbimazole makes you hypothyroid and Levothyroxine replaces the blocked thyroid hormone.

Carbimazole has been reduced to stop you becoming hypothyroid. You may be feeling hypothyroid because on 20mg T4 and T3 have dropped a bit too low. It will probably take a couple of weeks for T4 and T3 to rise now that Carbimazole has been reduced to 10mg.

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Thankyou clutter, can i ask at what levels of blood do they consider giving you hypo meds. My t3 on oct 3rd was 3.2 and my t4 9.9-tsh 0.115.but endo has no lab ranges though, i am going to get new bloods done tomorrow as they were done 3 weeks ago.



They don't give you Levothyroxine if you are overmedicated on Carbimazole. They reduce the Carbimazole dose you are taking.

I can't tell whether T4 9.9 is above or below range but FT3 3.2 is usually just within range. Ask your endo for the lab ref ranges when you get results in future. TSH 0.115 is still very suppressed but it can take months/years for TSH to recover.


As T2 T3 and T4 are created in the thyroid by iodine , which is what levothyroxine is

formulated from, to raise your T levels you might find loading your diet with iodine

may help you. You can do this by eating foods with iodine such as shell fish shrimps

prawns white fish , and brown fish salmon , natural yoghurt, milk. In a research proramme

in the Uk it was found that girls and women were over fifty percent iodine deficient.

Iodine deficiency can cause mental health and intellectual confusion and can affect

the unborn child mental and physical development.

Having had a large diffuse nodular goitre which was growing larger, I have found my goitre

has reduced in size. You may see a rapid response- I eat fish paste every day to top up

iodine as well as other fish several times a day along with marmite which I add to casseroles.

Took the cat on holiday with us - she looks much better now and is eating properly.

So relieved thought she was on the way out!

You have so many problems going on with coeliac disease - and with low ferritin levels whcih

don't seem to have improved since your last test that I think you might need advice

from the pernicious anaemia society. You may need vitamin B12 injections and Vitamin

B -Folic acid combined, as well as B6. XX


Thankyou for your much appreciated advice yes going to get ferriten bloods done aswell tomorrow, i eat lambs liver once a week and started to eat more meat such as beef and also eat spinach raw. Also take 20.mgs of gentle iron solgars so hoping its raised a little but doc refused to give me injections and said you can make it up yourself- but im goin to mention that i have celiac and hashis so important vitamins will be lost. Feel better for being gluten free and my stomach issues have improved.

What fish paste do you have? Flavour and brand.

Thats lovely taking your beloved cat away wirh you,i was so excited yesterday to see all them cats yesterday. They were so cute.xx


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