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Anyone following Dr Haskell's Hope for Hashimoto's protocol ?

I started following his protocol and had a great improvement Tsh lowered as well as antibodies after only a month . Next month I repeated my labs and the surprise was aughfull: my Tsh had mildly risen ( from 2.7 to 3.7) and my TPO antibodies had risen from 90 to 400. I don't know what to do now, if continue to do the same or start taking Lugol even though my antibodies are rocketsky, just to try if that makes the difference. I know Hope for Hashimoto tells not to do so until antibodies are normal range, but I've also read that selenium and iodine must be in balance and if not antibodies can rise. Please anyone could share knoweledge and experience? Thanks a lot

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Welcome to the forum, HashiSpain.

Many Hashi suffers seem to benefit from gluten free diet and have found it does reduce levels of antibodies.

You might find this article on iodine interesting

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Yes, I broadly follow Dr Haskell's advice and am generally quite well. I believe my levothyroxine dose is optimised now, and I am gluten free and supplement with selenium and Vitamin D. My TPO antibodies are slowly coming down - 478 to 462 to 390, and that's over a period of about 18 months. the main thing I've learned from having Hashi is that patience is required, nothing good ever happens quickly. I wonder if you are hoping for too much too soon?


Thanks for the responds! I forgot to tell some details: I eat 100% gluten free diet, don't eat any sugar, have done 3 different probiotic treatments for candida, don't have caffeine nor lactose, and have a veggies juice once a day as well as 400mcg Selenium, 1000mg nacetilcyseine. 1000 mg Vit C, Zinc Picolinate and Vit A. I have started using Dmso topically. I have has Hashis for almost 10 years and my antibodies and Tsh had slowly risen over the years. 2 months ago I had my labs done and my antibodies where starting to be higher than ever ( 130 Antitiroglobulyn and 190 anti TPO) and my Tsh 5.97 also higher than ever. I decided to follow de Haskell's protocol and within a month I repeated the labs and SURPRISE! My tsh was 2.7 ( hadn't been that low since 5 years ago) and mboth if my antibodies had dropped to 90! It was amazing! So I continued to follow what I was doing and repeated labs this month and .... Bad surprise!!!! My tsh had risen to 3.7 and antityroglobulin had slightly risen to 130 but TPO antibodies where rocketsky!! Almost 500! And THAT had never happened to me before. So I'm really worried and now I don't know what to do. I've been investigating a bit more and read that it might be due to a lack of iodine, because the unbalance between selenium and iodine can worsen the condition. So the question now is that I don't know wether to start with iodine or try to manage my antibodies before as it is recommended by dr Haskell ... One more thing, I ' m not taking hormones at the moment or have ever. Thanks a lot!


Hi HashiSpain,

I was considering getting the book and noticed your question/post. I have Hashimoto's and stayed off iodine supplements for nearly 2 years and then started taking them. My antibodies didn't go up or down. I had my iodine levels tested and they were in the middle of the range. I was listening to Chris Kresser on a Webinar/Podcast and he mentioned that antibodies can sometimes go higher before getting better. That's the first time I've heard anyone say that so I'm not sure it it's true. Anyhow, hopefully you can go by how you feel. Have your symptoms improved? Hope so :) Best wishes :) PS Would you recommend the book and why?


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