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Thytrophin PMG for Hashimoto's??

I have recently read that Thytrophin PMG can be a decoy to confuse the Hashimoto's antibodies so they don't attack the thyroid.

I am currently taking 2.5 grains Naturethroid and I wonder if anyone has taken this supplement in addition to natural thyroid. If so, what were your results??

I know there was an old post about this supplement, but I am not interested in this supplement as my only treatment. But, since I haven't found any info on anyone taking this supplement with a DNT any input would be helpful.

Thank you!

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To be blunt, I couldn't make sense of the product - neither now, nor on previous occasions it has been mentioned. It reads like a load of meaningful words strung together with some really odd ones, to make you think it is wonderful.

It is truly amazing that standardised doses of many supplements (like this one) provide exactly what you need - whether you weigh as much as an elephant, or as little as a mouse, whether you have a thyroid, or do not, whatever you eat, whatever else you are taking, their product gives you everything you need.

If, as it claims, some of it comes from a cow, I'll place my bet on which end it came out. The words if not the substance.


Thanks for the laugh, Rod! :)

Talk about blinding you with science!!! "Thyroids consist of many follicles‚ which do the work of forming proteins and breaking food down into energy." Really? Isn't that simplifying things somewhat? Like leaving out the action of the stomach?!?

And why the calcium? We all know that calcium suppléments aren't a very good thing to take, so why add calcium here? And, if you add bovine thyroid with the thyroxine removed, it ends up almost the same as Nutri-thyroid. What's the point?

I dislike thyroid 'supplements', that supposedly 'support' the thyroid, in general, and this is worst than most. It's just a scam to extract money from a gullible and desperate public. Totally unethical! Do not wates your money, Enfrance! Save it for decent products like vit D3, iron and Armour - or something. :)


I have used Thytrophen for several years.  I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's a year ago by a regular dr.  I feel taking this has saved my thyroid.  A kinesiologist started me on it several years ago and I didn't go to a regular dr. for years.  A year ago, when given a full thyroid panel test, my tsh, t free 3, t free 4 are all normal.  My two antibodies were high. I went gluten free to bring my antibodies down and they have come down some.  Thytrophen confuses the antibodies and it  protects the thyroid.  I feel taking it all these years has kept me from having to go on thyroid meds.  High antibodies, attack your thyroid and kill it.  I feel taking thytrophen all these years has saved my thyroid.


Could you tell me where you got your thyrotropin from, please? Thanks. 


Hi auntbea46..

Can anyone take this supplement without a priscroption please?

Thanka for this information.



I had a chiropractor that put me on it years ago and got it from him until recently. I do have a different chiropractor in town that I don't go to but I can buy it from him. If you google where can I buy Thytrophen, you should be able to find a place to buy it. Standard Process is the company that makes it, but they will only tell you what dr. in your area carries it. there are places on the internet you can buy it though because I have. I have found this to be the cheapest.


It seems only to be available in the US. Very strange that there are no European or UK producers or retailers if it's so effective. The theory and mechanism of how it works are interesting though because simply masking symptoms with synthetic T4 or T3 and allowing your body to deteriorate is BS to me.


OK. Thanl you very much!!😘


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