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Omg my nhs endo prescribed T3!!!


I went for my appointment today armed with my stuff from the private endo expecting to have to beg to get them to follow his advice .... after I explained his findings re conversion problem she apologised that I had had to go private to get a diagnosis and promptly told me to stop taking the T3 I had got online and that she would prescribe it for me!!

She also assured me that she would send a letter to my doctor telling her that under the fair share program or something that she must keep prescribing me T3.

She has also gave me a loading dose of 20,000iu Vitamin D for 2 weeks and an 800iu sustaining dose for 3 months.


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You must have been so shocked, I am surprised you didn't faint! :) It was good of GP who will be able to see the other side of treatment.

omg thats brilliant. My endo has been told to stop prescribing but he gives me a private prescription which i fill in france so its not expensive but its great to hear some drs are stepping up to the plate, well done xxx

Scottishkitty, well done (a) for getting the diagnosis and (b) for getting an appointment with an endo who is willing to prescribe T3.. Presuming you are also in Scotland , from your name, I am also in Scotland and see an endocrinologist I was recommended on this page. At my initial appointment he examined me took a complete blood test and told me that my thyroid had been attacked by antibodies for so long that it had now atrophied and essentially was not working. He was happy to prescribe T3 and initially I was given 20 mcg with a reduction in thyroxine. Over the next year or so this was gradually changed to 40mcg T3 and 50mcg thyroxine. I feel I could perhaps benefit from another small increase in T3 but have other health issues at present which may be having an effect on how I feel. ((I was recently diagnosed with Chronic Venous Insufficiency, which causes my body to swell up with lots of fluid).

I have not heard of the fair share programme, nor has it been mentioned in any letters but I did learn, this week from my new gp that the T3 I am taking is costing the NHS about £500 per month. I mentioned that this was probably much less than all the other meds I was taking to relieve my symptoms eg depression, IBS, constant pains etc, before I got T3, to which he agreed. He is also of the opinion that the NHS should source its drugs from different sources. :-)


Email me please with the name of this endo - thanks! :D xx

Hi Scottish Kitty

So, so pleased for you.

Please could you tell me something? Were you advised on food and T3, my Consultant told me to take it with food but on this site I keep seeing to leave time between eating and taking the T3.

Congratulations on managing to get t3!! How is it working out for you?

My GP said she wasn't unable to prescribe it as it has to go through a board...instead she 'TRIED' to refer me to an endo and it got rejected. So I literally have no other option but to go to a private endo...which I can't really afford.

I'm intrigues how your GP could prescribe T3 though as mine said she categorically could not prescribe it herself as a GP.

It's working out great. Feel like I have a new lease of life 😁

I had 1 private appt which cost me £230 and worth any penny.

I took his results back to my endo who said she would arrange to get it prescribed via the NHS.

I think doctors can be more tied down with regards to prescribing T3 due to the high monthly cost (approx £280 per month)

I think I was very lucky and honestly did not think I could get it on free prescription. Think my endo felt guilty that they couldn't get to the bottom of it for 6 years!

I would def advise to try to go private even just for the initial consultation.

Good luck xx

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