Absolutely fuming at my doctor!!!

I have been feeling dreadful this past 3 weeks heavy period for over 2 weeks then 3 days spotting. I have had a dull ache on right side, exausted, brain fog , freezing, frequent urination. I also have 2 tiny fibroids which I think could be contributing to my problems. I am 46 so could also be perimenapausal. So told my doc how I was feeling he checked my urine but was clear. I then proceeded to to tell him that I thought my B12 was low, last test was 250 range (191-660). I mentioned I had been reading on this site about ferretin and my tsh and t4 need to be optimal for relief of symptoms. Well he swung round on his chair and said "you need to stop this analyzing right now" to say I was shocked is an understatement... he said "I think your depressed and would benefit from antisdepressants". I was totally shocked. He said I am making myself ill by reading all this stuff about ranges and so on. I just got up and walked out and told him I am not depressed just sick!!!. I feel so let down and my lovely hubby is now writing a letter to the practice manager, he is furious!!!. I just want to know why I am feeling so bad with periods and also if I am optimally medicated. I think its time to find an understanding doc.

Sorry for the rant. Xx

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  • I'm having trouble with frequent urination also and I believe it's due to me being overmedicated. I have had scan done on bladder and kidneys and all came back ok. Have no infection all urine tests clear. I know how awful this is for you I am over the menopause but could you get your doc to check your bloods for menopause and see how your thyroid bloods are and make him do your t3 and t4 not just TSH hope things improve for you soon. If you can get rid of him and try for another gp

  • Thanks for replying mauds.

    My hormone tests came back normal. He has refused to do T3 said it doesnt make any diff, and as far as I remember my last thyroid tests were in range i dnt have them at the moment to post. He never even bothered to do a full blood count and i have been bleeding like this for the past 2 mths its awful. Yes I will change docs ASAP.

  • You poor thing. It's a pity you couldn't see a lady doc. Someone else will reply to you that will have more knowledge than me. Try get a print out if your bloods and post them up. I know that people have a hard time with their periods I've seen the posts that they put up. I hope you get some answers from others that will help you. Best of luck

  • Annette, if doctors stopped telling us our results are normal but we continue to feel ill we wouldn't turn to Dr. Google for answers. I'm glad your husband is complaining on your behalf and hope you get an apology and more co-operative attitude from your GP in future.

    Heavy periods aren't a psychosomatic condition (not that I'm suggesting the others are) and should be investigated. It may cause anaemia which will make you feel worse. Restate your request for ferritin and vitaminD to be tested if they weren't done.

    I understand that NHS have cut off points to decide where vitamin/mineral deficiencies exist but it would be helpful to acknowledge results are low in range and that self funded supplementing could be beneficial even though NHS won't prescribe. You should certainly consider supplementing 5,000mcg methycobalamin sublingual lozenges, patches or sprays for a month and then cut back to 1-2,000mcg daily.

  • Hi Clutter,

    Thanks for replying. I am grateful I have an understanding husband otherwise I really WOULD be depressed. I am supplementing with spatone at the moment as I am afraid to overdose. I am also supplementing with sublingual b12 1000mcg lozenges and vit d3. 2000ius. I have had an ovarian and uterous scan and all was well in april apart from the small fibroids which could be causing the problems. I will be eagerly awaiting an apology and yes we would not be googling if our docs were willing to listen to our symptoms. Thank you clutter for all the info.

  • Disgraceful behaviour by your doctor!

    Fibroids will certainly be contributing to the heavy periods. The fibroids should shrink away after the menopause. But in the meantime if you are perimenopausal and have thyroid problems all those hormones racing around inside you can make it a very bumpy ride.

  • Annette, so sorry you had such an unpleasant experience with your GP - I suspect he feels under threat that patients are beginning to challenge him and his pronouncements about depression. What an oaf. If he did a bit more of this weird analysing stuff, he might be a better doctor! Your Vit B12 is definitely low - as you've probably read here, the Japanese for instance. believe 500 is the lowest level for b12. You need a full thyroid panel of TSH, T3, T4, plus ferritin, folate and Vit D as the latter can be depleted. It seems unlikely that your GP will be changing his attitude any day soon, so perhaps changing doctor is necessary, and/or consider having private bloods done.

  • Hi Hypnoteg

    you are certainly right I cannot say how fuming I am right now. I am going to try and get private appt with an endo and insist on everything being tested, I dnt care how much it costs. My health is my wealth.

    Thanks for reply

  • annette, I'm not sure if you know, but you needn't see an Endo to have your bloods done, you can simply have them done by one of the private labs listed here thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

    or an even cheaper option is to have them assayed in India via an arrangement with Blue Horizon. Then post the results here for comment.

    I have recently had mine assayed in India and am very pleased with the service. speed, and price lol.

  • Oh thank you Hypnoteg I will get a look at this now. I am just exasperated!!. I might have to do this myself im sure he will have wrote on my notes Hypocondriac lol. Thanks again.

  • Did the results throw up any surprises, Hypnoteq, she enquired nosily?

  • Am looking at them right at this moment Clutter. Insufficient Vit D and low end VitB12 for starters :-)

  • Yes, sounds like one of those appointments where after the event you think of the things you could have said.

    "Well, one of us needs to do some analysing, doctor--you certainly aren't, are you?"


    "I'm not depressed - I'm just fed up with you dismissing my symptoms! If that makes me appear a little blue, let me assure you that I'm actually seeing red right now!"

    Your ferritin is likely to be in your boots given your period woes, and if nothing else, that should be tested as it's not a good idea to take iron without knowing your starting point. Re Vit B12 - yes, there's a chance you've got pernicious anaemia but it's more likely you've just been running lower and lower on that over the last few years. You could start supplementing that yourself, by getting some high dose methylcobalamin - Jarrow Formulas do some high strength lozenges.

    So sorry you had such a rubbish appointment. I wish I could say you were just unlucky but I've had far more appointments like yours than I've had good ones. No wonder people go to A&E instead of to their GPs today (as reported in another Daily Mail article today). It's not simply because people can't get appointments - it's because people don't feel listened to, I suspect.

  • Lol LilyMay

    can you come to my next appt with me?. Yes your right I came out and thought about what he said and just wanted to go straight back in and clout him one ha. I wonder if I increased my levo I day a week would I feel bit better? I am a bit scared in case I become worse.

  • It wouldn't kill you to try it, but it probably wouldn't make a noticeable difference for a month or so.

  • I always do that -get outside the door and think why didn't I say that.then when I get home write stuff down to ask him,show it to him and then he still doesnt give me answers.

  • I had really awful bleeding and the doc said it was linked to being hypothyroid, but never explained further. ( this was almost 20 years ago.). I opted for a hysterectomy as a cure.... But i read a post on here recently, which said heavy periods were possibly a result of under medication.

    Might be worth you upping the meds and see if it makes a difference after a few months?


  • Thank you galathea I am also thinking that is a possibility, I might give it a go.

    Thanks for reply

  • Hi Galathea, My old GP was quite cross when she realised I had had a hysterectomy for heavy periods and said my hormones just needed sorting.Wish I still had her. The whole reason for the hysterectomy wasn't just heavy bleeding, it was mainly a torn ligament in my stomach, Just another sign of low Thyroid function I think. Janet.

  • You could up your meds but then you'll run out of Levo. I think your first step is to go and see another GP for a second opinion. Point out the heavy bleeding and the fact no one's done a full blood count or done an iron panel.

    You may end up having to go it alone on thyroid meds as many of us do, but it's worth shopping around for a decent GP before seriously contemplating that.

  • If you up your meds and feel better, and you run out of levo early, can the doc refuse to prescribe more.... Thereby leaving you without an essential hormone? I have often wondered about this..... Surely the doc cannot leave you without a medication you need to sustain life? ( this is why we get it free i believe). What would happen if you had lost a packet or the dog had eaten them? ( the dog would be fine!).

  • my gp demanded I stopped going on the internet.my only internet activity is healthunlocked.so I said what do you expect me to do when you don't give me answers an dismiss my symptoms/anything I tell you.like you put things down to depression an d referred me to psychiatrist-didn't attend as waiting 9 mnths fro appointment to come thru plus need someone there at the time if you are depressed -which I wasn't /am not-nto 9 months down the road.so many things like unexplained bruising,skin rashes swelling ,persistent cough(2 years),persistent pelvic pain,swollen abdomen-the list goes on and no diagnoses ever given.family members least bit helpful or supportive.

  • Nooooooooo!!!! Firstly search out well woman clinic some areas have then associated with sexual health clinic (all things pertaining to contraception etc and very often women problems and more clued up about what it is that you need checking out. They may be able to refer for ultra sound. They may even check your bloods for you!!!). Just another way of accessing the system!!

  • wellwoman clinic at my health centre(doctors)-is it run by a doctor?never been to it.

  • I have never been but my daughter has and it was run by a specialist nurse,

  • I am sure you must have been shocked. The problem is if we are unwell and not getting better, we want to know why. It's onl natural. This is a link re female problems.

    Your GP is not good for you and I think you'll have to change to another. You must have lost confidence in him and I think he took offence by assuming you were querying his medical knowledge by referring to the internet. I would still be unwell if it wasn't for the internet as well as getting support from people who have had similar treatment from the GPs/Endos.

    Link from Dr Lowe re female problems. Dr Skinner was also of the opinion that they would rather send you for a hysterectomy than proper thyroid gland medication.


    This is also another link of a doctor who, I think, most of us would like to consult. I particularly like a couple of phrases:-

    1. If you do go to see your doctor, he or she probably shrugs it off.

    2. Yes, doctors are experts in acute illness. But they often fail miserably when it comes to addressing subtle changes in your body that affect the quality of your life.

    3.When you have hypothyroidism your overall metabolic gas pedal slows down because the master gland that controls it, your thyroid gland, is not functioning at full speed.

    If your thyroid slows down, every other organ and system in your body slows down, including your brain, heart, gut, and muscles.

    The thyroid hormone is like a master switch that turns on the genes that keep every cell running.

    4. Well, you can’t just be a little bit pregnant, but you can be just a little bit hypothyroid.

    And it can have a dramatic effect on the quality of your life.


  • Q. Why are UK gps so Thyroid - phobic ? Is it really just

    inadequate training, or do they really feel out of their depth

    but can't honestly admit to it ?

  • It's not called teh Nasty Health Service for nothing. NHS GPs are the most calculating, unethical creatures i have ever encountered. Remember they get extra funding pionts if they get you onto anti depressants.

    If NDT was worth funding points, you'd be having armour shoved down your throat

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