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Fuming with my doctor 😡

Asked receptionist for some blood forms all the usual ones plus a diabetes( identical twin just developed type 1) plus cortisol and Thyroid antibodies. He agreed to do diabetes test, asked why for cortisol, (told him I paid for saliva test it was high, need to see if I have lowered it. Asked him to do antibodies he said why you have thyrodosis there would be no benefit of doing this, nobody has ever told me if I have Hashimotos not even endo, but endo did say you probably do have it most people do, why won't doc and endo just do test and tell me what I have! I'm so annoyed with them not giving a crap!

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If your GP said you have thyroiditis perhaps your thyroid antibodies were tested when you were originally diagnosed. Ask him. If GP won't do a thyroid antibody test now you can either order your own via Blue Horizon or Medichecks or, as 90% of hypothyroidism is caused by Hashimoto's, you could simply assume you have it and make dietary and lifestyle changes accordingly. There will be no change to your treatment by having a confirmed Hashimoto's diagnosis.

You can compare a saliva cortisol test with a serum cortisol test. You have to compare like with like.

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I get my own tests done now via Blue Horizon. I found it depressing and stressful to have to beg my GP / endo for blood tests. I wanted my T3 done, nope! Vitamin D, nope! Eventually my endo did B12 but not Vitamin D. I use Thyroid 11 (costs £99, but worth every penny) and it covers everything I wanted plus antibodies.

I went completely gluten free several years ago after developing yet another autoimmune condition and I have since watched my thyroid antibodies plummet so if you have hashimoto’s then it would be worth thinking about going GF.


Ohhh think I may do that next time he is doing most things not sure about antibodies though, I tried gluten free I didn't feel any different, I did do auto immune paleo illumination diet, I was intolerant to yeast, cows milk, and tap water.


I’m not sure I feel any different either, I eat a lot of the same things as I did before but I don’t use any thickening or anything that contain gluten.

I know (because I’ve tested them regularly since I went GF) that my antibodies have come down so something is definitely happening.

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Oh right so I should get my antibodies tested first and see thanks


I use Blue Horizons because I don’t think my GP would keep test8ng antibodies for me.

My antibodies were tested way back at the beginning as part of the Graves diagnosis then from what I’ve seen written on here I get the impression that GPs don’t want to test for antibodies again, think they look ok on it as ‘once you’ve got thyroid antibodies you’ve got antibodies’. Whereas I want to see if I can get rid of them.

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Results are in

No diabetes 😀

Cortisol normal in range😀

Tsh 0.49

Serum calcium 2.25 (2.20-2.60)

Serum ferritin 39ug/L (10-291)

Serum folate 3.6ug/L >5.4

Serum sodium 137mno/L (133-147)

Serum potassium 4.6 ng/L (3.5-5.3)

Serum vit B12 375 big/L (181-910)

Serum total 25-OH vit D 33 mnol/L (75-150)

Full blood count all normal apart from Eosinophil count 0.5 (0.0/0.4)

So only got 28 days worth of vit d3 and 28 of folic acid 🤔


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