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GP appointment this evening - feeling defeated already

(earlier post has vanished so apologies if this is duplicated)

Appointment due this evening with GP to try and press for further investigations into my thyroid.

Had bloods taken about 4 weeks ago.

Ferritin was 10 (now on iron)

TSH was 3.0 which according to them is well within range of 0.3 to 5.9

Symptoms for last 8 weeks (although to be honest, prob a lot longer)

Extreme lethargy and weakness

Very slow movements and sometimes speech

Trying to do anything physical leads to dizzy spells, breathlessness, tingling in feet and hands and lips

Vision become blurry if I try to do anything too physical

Other things I have noticed

Irregular periods

Hoarse voice

Dry skin with red patches on face (which come and go)

Very dry and dull hair

Rigged nails

Permanently cold feet (even if warm to touch)

Metallic taste in mouth (? On iron tablets though!)

Tinnitus (very brief episodes)

Bowels had become more sluggish (although not while on iron)

I'm just feeling a bit fed up already as many of you have shared your own experiences of how hard it is to get further test on a TSH within normal range :(

I'm going to ask for

Free t4 and t3

thyroid antibodies



Husband coming with me too for moral support - if he refuses the thyroid tests, what on earth do I do?

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Clarity, you could ask the GP for a trial period of replacement thyroid hormone to see if it helps with your clinical symptoms.

Read through the information in this link

If your GP or the lab refuse to test your FT4 and FT3 you can order a private test from Blue Horizon and Genova

Finally, add vitaminD to your list for blood tests.

I hope it goes well. Please let us know how you get on.

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Please add a vitamin D test to your list of requests.

I'm sure that your thyroid is not working very well with a TSH of 3, and you are absolutely right to ask for further testing. I wanted to point out though that the list of symptoms you give can also be caused by low iron. I had very low iron last year and my symptoms were very similar to yours. I improved a lot once I started supplementing with a decent amount of iron, and with luck you should start to see improvements very quickly.

I wanted to ask what type of iron pills you have been prescribed and what dosage? Can you think of a reason for your low iron? Clearly something is not working well, and it could easily be hypothyroidism reducing the ability of your gut to digest food and nutrients.

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When my ferritin was 8 i was given 3 blood transfusions in 1 Weekend. Being hypo affects your ability to absorb iron. I was on double rec dose fir 8 yrs, did nothing. I had an iron infusion last yr which helped. I urge you to push for one, but be warned, you will have to fight.


Thanks everyone.

GP was actually very understanding and listened.

He absolutely dismissed my Ferratin Level though and said it was irrelevant (which has confused me enormously!!!) but i'm going to continue with my Ferrous Fumerate regardless.

So the upshot is that he has ordered blood tests for pretty much everything including Vit D, Folate and B12 plus wants to rule out Lymes (as I swim in open water), Rheumatoid whatsit, LFT, White Blood Cells, ESR. He's going to ask for another TSH as admitted it is borderline but said labs wouldn't do T4 and T3 or antibodies unless TSH was abnormal. I think they are looking at cortisol too.

He has referred me to a Neurologist - really not sure why - I guess to screen for MS? and then depending on blood test results will also consider Endo referral.

Not sure what to make of it all to be honest but at least he listened!


Clarity, I'd say that was a comprehensive and very good consult apart from your GP's utter wrongness about the ferritin. Hopefully, they'll sort out what's make you feel ill.


Maybe you need to have FT4 FT3 and anti-bodies done privately if the labs won't do them....I agree with Clutter re the Ferritin. If there is nothing in the store cupboard - then how are Iron levels maintained.... ?


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