I went to the Gp and saw a really good locum who unfortunalely doesnt usually work at my practice, but im a bit confused, she prescribed me

Ranitidine 150 mg.. as my weight with this thyroid problem is all over the place, and if i eat some foods im totally crippled the next day, and cant move. I dont suffer from acid reflux or any of those horrid things,,

Im currently on 50 mg thyroxine for my auto immune thyroid, but my weight on thursday was 9st 8 (im used to being 7half to 8 stone normally ) but went hypothyroid in April 2014 and put on two stone!!

on friday it was ten stone and i only eat one meal a day!! by sat i had gone to ten and a half stone,by sat night i was back to 9 half stone, by sunday morning im just over 9 stone! my weight is doing stupid things, and before anyone asks yes my scales are modern.. theres nothing the matter with them..its me!!

But im trying hard to regulate my weight by just eating mostly proteins , but everything since this thyroid problem has gone on a go slow,,and im frightened to eat as my weight is really bothering me as if i get heavier my hip is so painfull i have to take more painkillers which im trying to stop,,im desperately trying to get back to 8 stone and fit for work again as i feel so crap all the time.

I havent started to take this tablet yet as i currently have to do a 24 hr urine test ,,ordered by my endocronologist,

so i dont want to hamper that with other drugs ,,

please can anyone tell me why she has prescribed me this ,,she seems to think it may speed up my digestion?

im not so sure ,,has anyone else ever taken this ?



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  • Astro, Ranitidine reduces stomach acid. patient.co.uk/medicine/Rani...

    I found it very effective for indigestion, heartburn and vomiting caused by reflux before I had thyroid meds.

    If you have bloating and discomfort after eating protein you are more likely to have low stomach acid and Betaine Pepsin would be a more suitable remedy.

    I doubt your rapidly fluctuating weight is food related, it is much more likely to be water retention and loss.

  • Dear Clutter

    Its not bloating ,,its just that certain foods like bread ,and sometimes i dont even know what it is but its not water retention -some foods just cripple me and its ridiculous as i used to be able to eat anything

    and now i cant ! .. and my energy levels are zilch.

    my stupid metabolism has slowed down so much since this thyroid thing its mad,, even though im on 50 mg levo,i still cant get back to normal and still feel rubbish,!sometimes i have a good couple of days and then bang i cant move again..muscle aches ,sweats, bad tremmors , blah.

    I am taking loratadin with the levo which seems to help with some of the nastier side effects(thanks clutter -heaps as it was so debilitating). I need to get back to feeling normal , the gp has written me of for another month till he can sort my hormones out as they have gone haywire too,so i am still undergoing tests to see why im shaking and not getting better. I dont think i will take the tablets, any way i just need help with this weight thing,,its driving me potty. I just need to get 100 pc fit as my job involves alot of walking.

    but thanks for replying ,,seems you must be a night owl too!!



  • Astro, many Hashi patients develop food allergies and gluten is the most common. Cut it out and see if you feel better. It can help with the fluctuating weight too. You may have to eliminate other things like dairy and sugar too, but try one thing at a time for a few weeks and see if there is any improvement. If not, reintroduce the eliminated foods. Keeping a food/symptoms diary will help you track things.

    Last time I saw your thyroid results I thought you were undermedicated because your TSH was high normal. If you've recently had them retested please post them and I'll have a look later as this night owl is off to bed now x

  • Dear Clutter

    Thankyou soo much for your reply..

    The endo said i could eat what i liked...ha ha ha ha ha ha ,if i do i end up paralysed,,

    why dont they realise this, why wont they call it Hashimotos, not just its auto immune,,!!

    Im really fed up , i used to love my toast in the mornings,! i can however eat pasta without too much going on, if i have it with fish. Im just frightened to eat in case i end up with the sweats and in so much pain i cant move, and why has no-one posted what Hashis patients can safely eat, I have scoured the librarys and my towns bookshops of which there are only two, but to no avail, !! I told the physio today my poor little torso doesnt like being ten stone,, it isnt happy at all, however he mentioned something about

    post menaupausal women being affected with hip ailments and such like,,

    I have purchased a note pad for such reasons as a food symptoms diary , but my endo said that my immune system will always block my thyroid now, but they can control the thing with the level of levothyroxine,,mine is still 50 mg!!

    Well night owl, i hope you manage to take a break,, you should be an nedocronologist yourself with your fantastic knowledge,which i and everyone else on this site is very grateful for ,

    Thankyou soo much, i will post the results again,soon

    Thankyou once again



  • Astro, endos aren't autoimmune specialists. They probably aren't aware that diet can affect autoimmune response or how allergies develop after diagnosis. As for not calling it Hashimoto's, it really isn't important whether it's called autoimmune thyroiditis or Hashi's. It's the same disease whatever it's called.

    You might find this thread interesting healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

  • Dear Clutter

    thank you for this ,, i thought that endos were supposed to be specialists in this area. The endo i saw said hes good at his job,,!! Maybe i should show him a few articles about food allergies with auto immune diseases !

    Thankyou ..

    I need to get well and fit, my job involves walking about 7 miles a day..

    I cant walk up one rd at the moment ""!!!


    really appreciated


  • This is a scientific paper which may interest you as your problem is very common in hypothyroidism.


    50mcg of levo is usually a starting dose and in a Pulse Online article Dr Toft of the BTA suggests our dose should be sufficient to:-

    6 What is the correct dose of thyroxine and is there any rationale for adding in tri-iodothyronine?

    The appropriate dose of levothyroxine is that which restores euthyroidism and serum TSH to the lower part of the reference range – 0.2-0.5mU/l.

    In this case, free thyroxine is likely to be in the upper part of its reference range or even slightly elevated – 18-22pmol/l. Most patients will feel well in that circumstance.

    But some need a higher dose of levothyroxine to suppress serum TSH and then the serum-free T4 concentration will be elevated at around 24-28pmol/l.


    Cursor down to the date November 25, 2002 to read the answer.


  • Dear Shaws

    i havent taken it

    it didnt sound right when i read the packet,,

    thankyou xxx


  • It is always best to be cautious when you are ill anyway. My GP prescribed an antacid and I was in even more pain. I switched to Betaine hydrocholoric Acid with Pepsin (both things needed for low acid) and its worked great. I think you need your meds to be increased too:-


  • I don't know why she would prescribe that if you are not hyperacid. But about your weight, you lower your metabolism further when you skip meals. Just try to eat nutrient dense foods including good fats (avoid trans fats or hydrogenated oils) which digest slowly. Coconut oil is a good one.

  • Dear Heloise

    Im so frightened to eat in case i end up over ten stone and my other knee and hip end up with a bursitis again.

    My body hates being this weight. I try to exercise , but as my bursitis in my hip is so painfull still i cant do that much.

    Im used to being 8 stone about,,ive been 8 stone for about 30 yrs and then bang my weight goes up and down like nothing on earth after my thyroid went,,

    i dont know what to eat that wont put on lots of weight , and i cant eat lots as i have a hernia that im trying to control too, its only small,, but there never the less,

    what are trans fats? and hydrogenated oils?



  • Astro, as someone mentioned, going gluten free may help you but often rice or soy are substitutions people make. Rice is still a starchy carbohydrate and soy works against thyroid.

    Processing oils so they won't become rancid is now admittedly a major cause of heart disease. Check labels for transfats.

    I often use a resistance strap, just a rubber strap with handles. You don't have to move your legs at all.

  • Dear Héloise

    I read somewhere that brown rice is ok, as it still has its husks, i didnt have any ill effects

    so that was good. I use olive oil, not any other.

    i will look up resistance straps ,,sounds good, thanks for the advice,,!



  • You will weigh differently at different times of the day, you should only weigh once a week first thing in the morning. Your weight is going up and down so it is almost certainly normal weight fluctuations due to fluid build up and loss

  • Dear helen0701

    I go to the loo too much to retain much fluid!! but my weight shouldnt fluctuate that much its silly!!

    but thanks any way



  • Astro, water retention is in your cells. It doesn't matter how frequently you pee. The latin name for hypothyroidism is myxoedema. Oedema means fluid retention.

  • thankyou xxxx

    sorry i thought fluid retention was in ones bladder!!!!!

    opps !!!

    thankyou xxx ((((((((((((embarresed!!! much!!

  • Its worth a mention that I have an overactive thyroid and suffer from very severe fluid retention

  • dear pp1pp1s

    i thought an over active thyroid meant you are too skinny!!!

    oh goodness this disease gets more complicated by the minute!!!

    sorry to hear this,do fluid retention tablets work?



  • Most people with an overactive thyroid do loose weight before they go on treatment, once you have meds to slow your thyroid down the weight loss stops and you start to put weight back on.20 percent of people with overactive thyroid do not loose weight at all and may even gain! You can have very little fat but still look bloated with fluid retention.I have tried everything including water tablets but nothing moves it, I have gone up 8 ring sizes,2 shoe sizes, puffy eyes etc despit loosing 22 pounds in weight x

  • Dearp1pp1ns

    really sorry to hear this ,, this is such a hatefull condition this site is really needed and im so oo glad that there are so many of us helping each other,,all these earth angels in one place suffering so....


    i hope you manage to feel better soonxx



  • I cant say much about the dose youre taking but if youre still putting on a lot of weight and feeling signs of hypothyroidism youre obviously under medicated. I personally have been using NDT for quite a while now and while it was difficult to get the dose right for me in the beginning, ive managed to find my sweet spot and now feel great having lost quite a few kilos and no more hypo symptoms.

    As someone else on here already suggested, if youre having joint and muscle pain its highly likely that you have a gluten intolerance - its definitely worth staying on a gluten free diet for a few weeks to see if things improve


  • Im going to try gluten free pasta and see if i get any better, but its so expensive and since ive been off sick my salary doesnt leave much for food, even though my son helps a bit,, i have to help him out as he gets even less than i do, but health comes first,

    so yes i will give it another try,, also ive found pro biotic yoghurt is a good one ,, i want to try making coconut milk yoghurt too.




  • This article seems to pick up a number of the points you raise. (Hashimotis is often associated with low stomach acid BTW, rather than the reverse). I hope it helps.


    As others have said, the weight loss/gain is due to water retention and not fat. At the low dose of 50mcg T4 it is a possibility that you are under-medicated and the fluid retention is the attendant myxodaemia associated with hypothyroidism.

  • dear Hypnoteq

    thankyou for that,,printing it out thankyou xx

    But i do go to the loo rather a great deal x



  • Some tablets can help food move through the digestive tract. I was diagnosed with under active thyroid in 2008, it took 2 years to stabilise my medication. I can totally relate as I weight 10 stone 7 pounds to 11 stones most of my life I now hover between 12 7 and 13 stones. If I work very hard it does come off but now it is slower. Try to stay patient your body needs time to adjust to the Levothyroxine, it will work.

  • three months is a very long time,, im just fed up feeling so ill, and i was wondering if all this hasnt started from some stress related emotional thing, as sometimes if the cause is discovered sometimes the symptoms get better,,,?I am just really fed up as i have only just bought myself a half a new wardrobe and have put on soo much weight i have to buy baggy t shirts to cover it all up and it wasnt long ago i bought these clothes before everything changed!!!



  • The Patient Information Leaflet for Ranitidine says not to take if you have an auto-immune disease. Janet.

  • Dear J bee

    thankyou , i didnt even open the pack i didnt feel right with the pills ,,i dont like taking tablets any how and so thankyou so much for telling me that!!#

    obviously the gp s dont know that much about the thyroid!!

    thankyou very much ,,back to the chemist they go

    thankyou Janet

    xxxxx heaps

  • Lots of good advice above....do read up on LOW stomach acid and Hypothyroidism. Am assuming you have been tested for the Famous Five - B12 - Iron - Ferritin - Folate - VitD, With Hashimotos it is quite possible you will be deficient in all of them.

  • Dear Marz

    actually not,

    im waiting for the p test b results then i hope the endo will do all those in a blood test,, but as of yet not..



  • Hi Astro, you are having a hard time, aren't you! And I can totally relate to everything you say. But I can assure you that your fluctuating weight has nothing to do with your food intake, it is because of your Under-treated hypothyroidism.

    You say you 'went' hypo in April this year, but I'm willing to bet you were hypo a long time before that but the symptoms only started to show in April. These things take time to develope.

    So were you started on 50 mcg Levo in April? Or have you been put up to 50 since then? The usual protocol is to start people at 25 or 50 and then do blood tests after six weeks and increase the dose by 25 mcg. Have you had bloods taken since starting on 50? If so, it would be a good idea to post them here and let people have a look. If not, ask for a print-out. It's your legal right to have it.

    When we are hypo, everything slows down and that's why we put on weight (well, most of us, anyway). But most of that weight is water, as others have said. So, starving yourself won't help it. In fact, it could make things worse! If you don't get enough calories to support bodily functions, like conversion of T4 to T3, then you become more hypo and put on even more weight!

    So, don't be afraid of food. You need it. Just keep away from the sugar, that's the worst thing, as are artificial sweetners. Don't be afraid of fat and don't be afraid of salt, you need them.

    As to what you said about some foods making you feel bad, it could be gluten intolerence, or dairy, so trying the things the others have suggested is a good idea. But it could also be goitrogens causing some of the problems. I've written about them here :


    If you eat any of the foods on this list, try illiminating them and see if you feel any better. But personally, I wouldn't take that stuff that the doctor prescribed. Taking just anything can mess you up even more. You have to understand that doctors know next to nothing about the thyroid and the things that can happen to a person when they have too much or too little thyroid hormone. So it's quite possible they will prescribe things that will make you worse instead of better. It's happened to me many, many times. You have to be your own advocate and take charge of your own health. And they only way you can do this it to read everything you can lay your hands or eyes on. You're new to all this, and nobody is born knowing about thyroid, so there's a lot to learn. But you will! Keep reading on this site for a start and you will learn a lot. And, above all, Google everything before you take it!

    I do hope that this has been some help and/or comfort to you. Take care of yourself.

    Grey x

  • Dear Grey goose

    Im sorry to post so much but would you believe i felt much worse with this than when had breast cancer 5 yrs ago,,

    I dont want to lose my job, and i am very aware i could do if im not well enough to do it ,I have been offered an office based job but the pay is a grade less and i cant even survive in my basic pay now,

    I used to do heaps of overtime,, i cant do a thing now,,plus my mother at 80 decides to not take her tablets and cause total mayhem when my brother isnt well too,hes just had major surgery!!

    and im struggling to learn how to get well fast so that i can get back to normal as my best mate needs me too ,,i cant leave my nearest and dearest struggling as they rely on me,,and apparently so does my work as i seem to be the only one who is getting hassle about being off sick!!

    all this doesnt help,when app i have no oestrogen too ,(possibly hitting the menopuse) and still cant sleep and tinnitus and muscle pain and hip pain(hip bursits) and all the crap that goes with this,,

    i have a few good days and wallop down the well again trying to climb out and cant get out of bed for the pain!! im not one usually to be sick,, im usually really well,illness like this is driving me crazy,,

    im either very well or very ill,, and this thing is the latter,,




  • Oh but I do believe you! I haven't had breast cancer but I do know just how bad one can feel with hypo.

    So, what I suggest is you sit down, and take a few deep breaths to calm yourself - because getting het up about not getting well will only make you worse. And when you're feeling zen, read through all the replies again and note down the essentials.

    I do hope the endo has something intelligent to say and gives you an increase in your meds.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Dear Greygoose

    Ive only seen my endo once and i had to do a 24 hour urine test,, he didnt up my meds at all as he seems to feel they are ok , but hes not me!!!

    But i have had some relief drom the sweaty buisiness with sage tablets and eve primrose ,, which is good but its £30 pm,,,,!!!!

    but the shakyness is still bad and a worry , and thesleeplessness is still bad but im feeling a little better in myself thankgoodness,,




  • :)

  • May I suggest that you ring your GP and ask.

  • Dear Phoebs

    Id love to but im so fed up with getting wrong prescriptions from all the GPs at the surgery ive been going to for years i thinking of changing ,,ive just got to find a Gp locally who knows what on earth they are doing



  • Also fed-up getting wrong prescriptions from GP, so have just changed GP practice and hope I haven't fallen into the fire. Even when you tell them that you can't take certain tablets they look at you blank as if they don't know what to do next. Hope you manage to find a better GP and wish you well. Janet.

  • I spent quite a while on a reply from one of your previous posts and i never got a response. Please try and find it. I have tried to tell you that you are severely undermedicated, that your Bursitis and hip pain are, most likely, Hypothyroid related. It is common to retain fluid all over your body, including the joints. This is why you have the weight issues..it is not from food, it is from Hypothyroidism. If you do not realize that you need a dose increase, you will continue to suffer and seek the help of many different doctors, depending on where your issues are. I went to 20 different specialists, looking for why every part of my body was malfunctioning..no one checked my Thyroid. You need your free T3 and Reverse T3 tested, as well as Free T4, you can order the tests yourself. 50 t4 is a baby dose and you may feel worse on this tiny dose, than before treatment. It will bring your TSH down, but will not replace missing thyroid hormone. Many do not do well on T4 alone and need T3. You are not being proactive or researching, you are allowing yourself to stay ill, by listening to your doctor, who has kept you dangerously undertreated. You can even order your own meds..but you cannot let yourself remain ill.

  • Dear Faith63

    Im so sorry i prob thought i d answered,, my short term memory is pants!!

    I dont want to remain ill, i am under an endocronologist , he has made me do a 24 hr urine test, im waiting for the results of that before he ask for further bloods,

    I am on very little money at work and can not afford to go buying too many meds, i am on sage and eve primrose for the sweats and that costs £30,PM albeit thats only £1.00 a day,, im left with very little money to feed myself and my son so i cant go spending lots out , and as i have been off for 12 weeks they will not allow me back on overtime for many months , but i do need tohear what my endo says first,,


    really sorry about the no reply ..

    i save all my answers in a a special file #

    so thankyou and really sorry



  • Dear Astroscopesuk,

    i'm sorry you are having such a hard time of it. You should be raised based on symptoms and proper tests and should have had an increase by now. Be prepared to have to go it on your own. My nightsweats went away with thyroid hormone..unfortunately low thyroid lowers other hormones along with it. I would ditch the sage and primrose and save it for Cynomel which is t3 and very inexpensive. I know you are desperate to get well, but it can take many, many months of med adjustments and with Hashimotos, the labs are all over the place. I have not had proper treatment yet for the past 3 years. Some people do not feel any better on t4 meds like you are on now. In the old days, doctors treated based on symptoms, not labs and people got well...it doesn't work like that today, especially with Endocrinologists. Just do your research and be proactive in you health. I hope you will let me know how things are going. Is the Urine for Thyoid hormones?


  • Dear faith63

    I have had some relief from the sage , thank goodness, but i cant go on hormone treatment as my cancer 5 yrs back was hormone related. However i will look up the thing you suggested , but i wish that these specialists would listen ,, instead of going with the text book.

    i am wondering if i shouldn't take some water retention tablets too as i seem to be retaining alot! is this ok to do if youre auto immune?



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