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Can you kick-start you thyroid with Food?


I have just recently been diagnosed hypothyroid and feel really really dreadful , i feel like a shuffling corpse,,


I don't over eat as i have a hernia that thankfully stops me, but I wonder if you can heal yourself with certain foods and drinks with all the things that ones body needs..

I don,t know what these foods are as i have generally eaten a healthy diet and suddenly with this hypothyroidism I put on two stone and I was heavier all over , and that made me really miserable as I had just before this brought myself a whole new wardrobe as i had managed to stay at 8 stone instead of wavering between 7-8 stone and that was a bit of a problem, now all of the sudden I am ten stone and I don't over eat, Im not a foody ,I eat to live not live to eat!!

However I also hate taking drugs and recently i decided not to take the painkillers Ive been prescribed as the thought that i couldn't move without taking a painkiller to get through the days horrendous to me.

However the pain without the painkillers is excruciating but i wanted to give my kidneys a break as i have been having to urinate every 40 mins through the night,,

its only the first night and although Im shuffling about like a 105 yr old and every part of me feels like ive been in a car crash i didn't have to go to the loo so much.

I have been trying to look for healthy foods that heal ones thyroid, and i cant find a list that is clear enough to follow.

Can anyone tell me what foods are good for under active thyroids and what supplements other than b 12 and vit d and selenium that one can take to help bring the energy back without putting on shed loads of weight?



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This is a link which may be helpful:-

astroscopesuk in reply to shaws

Dear Shaws

I looked at your link thankyou,

I get really upset with people trying to sell others who are already in an unhappy place ,-expensive diet plans and promise them wonderful results if they pay x amount..they will look like the photos ,,if they follow the plan!!!(not your fault ). (you're all still wonderful earth angels)

these foods are available to everyone in supermarkets, and im sure that with a little more digging i can even grow proper foods that wont harm,. One can grow foods that heal in a kitchen not going for the pay for this diet,,pay for that diet and you will get better,, right now im feeling bad,, id just like to know what foods or fruits will help my poor under active thyroid rather than making it stop,,sort of like a


i know when ones thyroid has stopped working nearly it need today's drugs to make it work , whatever did they do back in ancient Greece, or in the bad old days in Uk,,,,??????????/ i shudder to think,,,

actually that's a hypothyroid joke, cos i am shaking every day !!!!

Anyway if anyone has any suggestions,-,

but thanks for your research

kind regards



I too am hypo and 5 years on have gained 6 stone. I find that over the years my wheat and lactose intolerance have increased. I know this will resonate with others. If I exercise i get more pain than I can bear the next day and I loathe taking pills but most of all painkillers! Have your vitamin D double checked as this too us yet another symptom of hypo. Periodically my vit D drops dangerously low. This can exacerbate your pains.

Hope this telos a little.

In empathy


Dear Warren184

thakyou for your reply

I am already taking food supplements as i dont trust the food industry as ive found many becoming ill with bowel conditions and suchlike in these recent years,.I do try and eat a healthy salad based diet as i am pescatarian anyway.(eat fish not meat)

but i just feel like im deteriorating by the day and need to move about , i had physio the other day and was unable to move for the next two.

I only took one pain killer today which has to be taken with food as i had to go out ,,

but its getting to the stage that without the painkiller i am unable to move and thats something i hate..

I do take vit b 12, and vit d supplements and fish oils and selenium ace,, once every other day as i dont want to over work my already poorly body,,that im so angry with for letting me down!!!

hoe you feel better soon too



You do need to make sure your doctor prescribes you enough medication so that you don't put on lots of weight. Doctors tend to err on the side of caution when prescribing Levothyroxine, partly because their tests and guidelines are not well-informed and partly because prescribing too much and sending someone hyperthyroid is bad for your heart and can be dangerous quite quickly, whereas leaving people to languish in a hypothyroid state being miserable, exhausted and overweight is only dangerous in the longer term and 'is not linked to the thyroid problem'. Don't accept 'normal' from the doctors, post your results on here and let this brilliant forum advise you on optimum blood levels of thyroid hormones and nutrients. Best of luck.

astroscopesuk in reply to eeng

Dear eeng

Thankyou soo much for your reply

I do hope my silly doctor hasn't turned me hyper instead, someday i wonder as i have this rushy blood thing and this tinnitus and rotten nights sleeping ,

My GP seemed to think she knew it all , but her blood test results were very scanty

and i was very cross with her as i had had four blood tests two of which she tested for the wrong thing, and when she told me i may have a problem with my heart i felt like strangling her as i have never in my life had a problem with my heart...

Since this 50 mg levo ive felt really bad and my bad hip gets worse and im shuffling about like a decrepit really aged person..My main upset was the two stone heavier and not able to lose it,, im frightened to eat in case my thyroid just has given up processing the food and outs it all over my body adding another stone ,,then i really wont be back to walking anywhere,,both legs will go,,,

I have however got her to refer me to a endocrinologist as according to another doctor in the practice

i should be feeling like a new woman by now,,,,

not so i feel like a moving corpse!!!

This forum is brilliant and my lifeline since i am living with my dyspraxic son who is next to useless when it comes do helping me,

my poor brother has just had a bowel operation and my 80 yr old mother is looking after him,.

So yes EARTH ANGELS YOU ARE TRULY FAB,, and without all you wonderful people i wouldn't have got through all this ,, when i am better i promise to raise some money for Thyroid uk

as i did for breast cancer when i luckily recovered,,i just think something in the stratosphere hates me as i had only just got the all clear from breast cancer after 5yrs this year when two month later my thyroid went..!!!

I did my cancer run two yrs ago when i could run !!



shawsAdministrator in reply to astroscopesuk

If you get the results of your recent thyroid gland blood test results, please post them with the ranges on a new question. 50mcg of levothyroxine is a starting dose usually and maybe your GP is one of believes (wrongly) that if you are 'within range' you are on enough medication. Your dose may not be enough to be enough to raise your metabolism and weight gain and aches/pains etc etc, may be the result.

I have gone gluten free four weeks ago and now I am overactive. What's more my diabetes symptoms have become very active because of the overactive ness of my thyroid. I also have dairy sensitivity now so only have two cupolas a day, no other dairy.

I wish you good luck and on this wonderful forum, you are on the right place. Best wishes

astroscopesuk in reply to mado

thankyou this is i agree a fantastic forum and a life line at the mo.

Hope you feel much better soon too



shawsAdministrator in reply to mado

Mado have you now reduced your dose slightly to counteract the overactivity. It may be that your medication has enabled your medication to work better. Usually if someone has taken too much medication missing one day's dose then slightly lowering the medication reduces overactive.

mado in reply to shaws

Thanks shaws, I want to wait for the results as I only have 50 mcg tables at moment,I asked doc if I could have 25 mcg instead,but she said wait for test results. I didn't want to drop 50 as it might be too much. Thank you

Good advice above, another strategy is to heal the gut, the gut is our second brain and most of us have an overload of bad bacteria which causes many health problems. Dietry advice can be found online including brilliant data on the GAPS diet by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride, see her book Gut and Psychology obtained from Amazon. Probiotics come into the equation, am personally making Kefir from the culture organic Tibetan Mushroom as found on E-Bay, how to make this can be seen on You Tube. Kefir contains much good bacteria, is easy to make and is very healing.

Hope this inspires.

astroscopesuk in reply to Joyia

Dear Joyia

very interesting

Thankyou i shall look it up,,and any thing like this is good for others to read as one never knows what works for one may not work for another and if its worked for some its worth a try!!



I am not sure you can kick start the thyroid as such, but I am finding that eating healthier and I mean much healthier as in GF, dairy, sugar and all processed foods banished, has helped support my thyroid (Hashi's) and gut health. Less aches and pains and an increase in energy, certainly not as sluggish...Best wishes D

thank you missdove

i have taken out sugar and bread, and generally eat fresh foods ,,i find the only breadish food i can eat is crumpets as bread bloats me badly,, so i have also tried removing alot of gluten from my diet and eating artichokes and avocados,, some foods that cant be messed with,,

i dont blow out so much but i seem to put on weight with anything at the moment,,

I am still learning about this condition which seems to get more complicated by the moment



Hi Astro,

It is a complicated illness and the more I have learnt the less I feel I know, also the way it effects us individually there is no set formula sadly...Just keep up what you are doing and seeking advice from sites like this as the Gp's certainly do not have the answers if any!!

Best wishes D x

The first thing you need to do is cut out gluten entirely (see for more info). I lowered my TSH drastically for over a year just cutting out that (it won't heal it forever but for the reasons in the article I don't believe anyone with autoimmunty should ever eat gluten). The other things I personally do through food is to follow a general anti-inflammatory, paleo diet, supplementing with fish oil, vitamin D3, zink and selenium. I also incorporate coconut oil in my diet which is widely touted as supporting the thyroid but I have absolutely no proof for this, personally.

astroscopesuk in reply to siini

dear siini

i dont eat a great deal of gluten , and if i do have any it must be by accident as i mostly eat vegetables and fish and shellfish, i dont have bread and have given up sugar,,

I do have b12, and vit d and seleium ace and vit k and various fish oils and vit d and etc,, just a little cocktail of vitamins and minerals every other day as my poor system is deteriorating badly and i feel worse every day,, i have a blood test nest friday so if i actually get there that will be good for a start,,



thankyou soo much xxx



Astro, you say you have been diagnosed but are you being medicated? Your pain is it from hernia or from hypo symptoms or something else? The more you wait with pain symptoms from hypo the worst it is. I had pain, was undermedicated and now I have fibromyalgia. You cannot eat goitrogenic foods, and you need to know if you're hypo Hashimoto's. Magnesium and selenium are important.

Dear estrellalilana

i am on 50 mg levothyroxine .I dont have any pain from my hernia , as i dont eat enough to stress it out.

I have salads and tuna and pasta and fresh veg alot, and i couldn't understand it putting on two stone as i generally eat healthy foods and i had a job walking 7 miles a day that used to burn off energy ,,but now im off sick as i can hardly walk at all both my hips hurt, i have been for physio two days ago and i only managed to go about 100 yards today,,with a stick and was exhausted when i got home.Pathetic!!!

i have been diagnosed hypo , but not sure that 50 mg hasnt turned me hyper?//I also do take selenium ace, and most of the vitamins and fish oils,, what are the foods one must not have with hypothoroidism

does anyone have a list?



hi,i have been diagnosed with this condition,i am taking 100mcg thyroxine per day.i find it helps to eat as much raw food as possible,(salad foods are easiest,but experiment with others) ...carrots and apples are a good base to start with juicing,which is a good way to get as many healthy raw food vitamin and minerals into your body as you can.then add other raw foods,but only in smaller amounts till you get used to it,as they can taste very strong if you are unused to juicing....keep up your protein foods,cut down or out processed foods,eat as natural as possible.i rarely eat bread,but i never cut it entirely.once or twice a month.not a lot though,maybe one or two slices..i have not found any particular natural foods that harm,but avoid added sugar as much as possible..i also found iodine colloid supplements from a health food shop(about three drops a day to be helpful .after a week or two taking them,i had increased energy and depression lightened somewhat..i was told iodine supports the thyroid function,but only take recommended dosage,as too much can be as harmful as too little..hope my info is helpful to you,this was trial and error with me,as my medication did nothing to clear my symptoms over three years.

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