TED - dental work, awful dentist, now terrified

Hi everyone, I'm currently on immunosuppressants for the TED, had a tooth infection 10 days ago, walk-in clinic gave me 7 days of antibiotics, pain and swelling all now gone, went to see new dentist yesterday (old one retired) and am now feeling absolutely devastated. aside from he said he won't be doing any restorative treatment because of my lifestyle (I have sugar in tea and eat sweets ect.) so basic management only (extract and pain relief) he wants to extract 5 teeth, I then told him about the TED and drugs and he wasn't sure if he could go ahead so is writing to the hospital to ask. after doing an xray he then said I have an infection in 4 teeth and an abscess in another, (I had no idea) and said (TWICE) that if the infection goes into my brain my life is at risk, he wrote out a pres then said he wasn't sure if I could take it with the drugs I'm on so tore it up, I have an appt with my doctor this morning and will ring the eye clinic later but right now I feel like I'm falling apart :(

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  • First things first: you MUST find yourself a holistic dentist. This is essential if you value your health.

  • Ask friends and neighbours for a recommended dentist. I have never heard a dentist refuse treatment because of lifestyle, I would steer clear of that practice.

  • Is he a younger one or an older one?

    He sounds very Rude.

  • middle aged, and apparently a 'Master'of Dentistry, the only one in Norfolk (UK)

  • I wouldn't have said he was rude exactly, just very matter of fact (blunt) "there is no point in doing any restorative work as we'll only have to do it again" but I'm more concerned (terrified actulally) right now about having these infections and no antiboitics whilst my immune system is suppressed

  • I disagree with you.

    I used to be a dental nurse.

  • what do you disagree with Omega?

  • been to doctors,she cannot prescribe for dental treatment but said I must go back to dentist for anti-biotics, got appt with dentist today at 12.50, thankfully NOT with the same man!

  • Sounds weird that your doctor couldn't / wouldn't give you antibiotics for dental treatment - surely an antibiotic just kills an infection and surely it won't be labelled somewhere in your body as dental infection or non dental infection - any time I have had antibiotics from the dentist they have been the same as I would get from the doctor.

    Apart from anything else he ought to have found out what drugs you were on before he even started your treatment - I get a form to fill in listing any drugs I am taking every time I go for a check up - before he even touches me.

    Glad you've found a decent dentist. The first one sounds a bit of a nutter really. For goodness sake there can't be many people who never eat sweets, don't take sugar in their tea, surely how and when you clean / floss your teeth and good dental hygiene is what he ought to be promoting not just hauling them all out. Words fail me ( well as you can see from above - they don't really) I would try to get one who is prepared to help you keep your own teeth if at all possible. Good luck.

  • I too was a Dental Nurse and I can tell you that this Dentist is talking out of his backside. He doesn't know much for a "Master of Dentistry" which I have never heard of! You need a second opinion urgently before anything is done and your GP CAN prescribe antibiotics to cover you while you are waiting, in fact he/she SHOULD be prescribing antibiotics especially if you are at risk. Please write a short letter to your GP explaining as it is urgent you get cover. How did you get referred to this Dentist?

  • my Dr said that they are no longer allowed to prescribe if its a dental problem,something to do with GMC rules and insurance.I saw another dentist and he gave me anti biotics, :) I won't be seeing the other man again that's for sure!

  • There is a notice in our GP surgery saying they cannot see or treat patients with dental pain.

  • It is absolutely always the prescriber's responsibility to prescribe appropriately and with due care and attention to the patient's health. So your report "he wrote out a pres then said he wasn't sure if I could take it with the drugs" is, in my opinion, unethical and unprofessional. If he didn't know, he should find out. He certainly should not prescribe without knowing.

    I'd like to think that someone would investigate him for that.


  • My thoughts exactly Rod! The guy sounds totally incompetent - if he had not been sure then he ought to have left the room and phoned someone who would know for certain. To write out then tear up a prescription AND leave a patient untreated sounds highly unethical.

    I can only assume that doctors are now refusing to treat possible dental problems because dental treatment is so expensive and NHS treatment can be difficult to get and so more and more people have been priced out of the market. Think I read somewhere that a huge number of people with dental problems and no dentist have been presenting themselves at casualty departments recently.

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