Dental woes

Currently having dental treatment to remove a large number of mercury filled amalgams. Yesterday I was out for lunch and, despite choosing something very soft to eat, part of a tooth together with its temporary filling came out.

I feel quite distraught as there is now a gap in my mouth. Some years ago I had a tooth removed so unfortunately this now means that virtually two consecutive teeth are missing. It's bad enough dealing all these physical changes that being hypo does to one's body.

I'll phone the surgery tomorrow but worried that dental implants will be the only solution.

Moan over!!!

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  • Poor you, no wonder you are fed up, hopefully your dentist will be able to build the tooth back up again.

  • Tooth resembles a stump! Reckon it will have to go.

  • Oh dear :-(

  • they made a really nice crown on my 'stump'. Nil desperandum.

  • Thanks! That gives me hope.

  • What about a bridge? Unfortunately, this does mean damaging at least one healthy adjoining tooth to support the bridge.

  • I don't know, there would be support only on one side due to one tooth already missing. Such a nuisance!

  • So sorry to hear about this. I hope the dentist is able to do something to help.

  • Thanks and I'm trying to be optimistic! Will know Thursday.

  • How did you get on at the dentist last Thursday?

  • Hello Confused and thank you for asking. I took along the stump and temporary filling, dentist fitted them back in. However they did come out again a couple of days later!

    Due back in a few weeks for permanent fillings to be fitted to that tooth and others. I am however worried that this may not be the best solution. Should really have phoned but have streaming cold and feeling grotty.

  • I had a tooth break off partially below the gum line leaving only a stump but my dentist managed to fit a lovely white crown on it. That was about 7 years ago and had no problems since. Fingers crossed that your dentist can help.

  • Interesting, thanks. Have got an emergency appt on Thursday, fingers crossed!

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