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dental problems is this commom

hi there .i am 38 and i have had severe dental problems all my life. basically i have really weak teeth dentists always think i eat lots sweets etc but i have good brushing and carr but get so mamy cavities and my teeth crumble. all mt teeth have fillings and immissing quite a few. since getting diagnoises overthe last year its got worse. as my hair is really falling out nails are brittle. my mum who also is hypothyroid has very very poor hair growth and lost all her teeh in her fifty' sorry to sound grim but i think its important to see if hypothyroid is linked with weak teeth as there should be more understanding from dentistd and care on the nhs . Happy new year to all wishing you all eurothyroid's and happiness energy and good memory

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Hi I have overactive thy , recently i had two root fillings in one month and still problems!

i am over 50 but got mouth of fillings .I do link thse as since diagnosed -my teeth have got worse.

i think many symptoms simialer in body coping - as I feel anxious and tired


It sounds to me that there is a lack of calcium absorbtion, which although I am not medically trained, have researched in relation to vitamin D deficiency, which would affect nails, bones and teeth, might be worth a vitamin D test.

best wishes Helen


mmmm -I agree with you Helen re the vitamin D -supplementing with that stopped my gums bleeding. Prior to that Ialso had two root canal feelings within 3months of each other and despite my best efforts couldn't stop my gums bleeding. I actually have strong teeth but there is no history of hypothyroidism in my family -except for me! its the bleeding gums my dentist told me that does a lot of damage as the gums receed exposing the tooth bed -well thats what happened to me. Nothing i can do about the already receeded gums -just a case of tryong to stop them going further!

Happy New Year everyone!


Over the past few years I have had four teeth removed.

I have good vitamin D level.

I also had a root canal filling which did not work and my gum was still painful after 1 year, then I had tooth extracted.

I had another root canal filling in Sept. The dentist said it is a good filling, but as my gum was still painful he did not put a cap on then. It is only now my gum feels o.k. that I will have the cap. How long it will last, I do not know.

Dental X-rays are not supposed to be good for your thyroid either.

Also, about ten years ago I had severe reaction to dental anaesthetic (before hypo diagnosis). It took a long time to find one that I do not react badly to and the dentist keeps a stock.

I had lost a lot of hair (Alopecia Areata).this time last year. Since T3 was added my hair has recovered.

Another thing I noticed today (spring cleaning) that my shoes are now too big and rings I haven't been able to wear for years (particularly wedding ring) now fit perfectly again!

<b>Updated on Jan 3 2011 12:38PM:</b> P.S this is a link re Hair Loss


I would like to add that I have a saliva gland dysfunction causing severe dry mouth and I researched on the subject. This is when I went on following calcium and vitamin D, its amazing how important the vitamin is, the main way that people get this vitamin is through the sun, and as we all know there is a lack of it in the UK Another strange issue is that the medical profession rarely test for it, and I wonder why is it cost or oversight, or do we have to request.

We could drink milk take calcium but if its not completely absorbed in the system whats the point.

best wishes Helen


Me too... pins, posts, root fillings,11 caps & only 2 without fillings although I clean them like mad! Trouble began when I was pregnant (which was lucky 'cos it was free - I wonder why that is - a co-incidence?) my old Dentist always thought I had a sweet tooth - but I don't! I daren't even look at a toffee! I've also read that potato starch causes more decay than sugar. Broke one last month on a sandwich!

Xrays are bad - but they give me one everytime I go (6 months)

Fluoride is bad too - try find a toothpaste without it!

Apparently Milk is bad too (cow milk is only good for calves!) - read that here on a link to myths.

A friend with thyroid trouble had to have hers out.

Happy new year xx


Hope you don't mind but a slight threadjack although on topic for mouth health.

I was interested in this because I have real gum problems, despite the brushing. My teeth have always been good and strong - I have 1 tiny filling that the dentist did 14 years ago using my sister's notes.

When I mentioned it to my hygienist she said that she does see lots of people with gum problems that also have under-active thyroid. My gums were really bad just before diagnosis and now I notice that when my TSH levels are good so are my gums.

Happy New Year back at ya!


There must be a link, i was told i had fibromyalgia (im also hypothoydistic) as they couldnt find anything wrong with me, dry mouth is a symptom and they recommend 4 monthly visits to dentists.


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