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Who To Trust, Dental Treatment Abroad?

I know that this is not Thyroid related but I want to get some information if I can. I will ask that any replies giving information re any particular Dental Practice or fees not be printed on here but mailed to me privately.

I am at present severely financially strapped. Right at the wrong time my fantastic front teeth three unit Bridgework of over twenty years decided to break. Thinking that I just had to get a replacement on my dental insurance I went happily off to the Dentist knowing that I could get a replacement. Wrong....! Underneath the bridgework the posts had dissolved away and the only answer is Implants !!! The Dental consultant has told me that I will have to pay £9000 !!! I can't ! I cannot tolerate a plastic denture so for months now I have been staying indoors ! I am very very unhappy and stressed and isolated.. All my life I have paid for my Bridgework, I have responsibly been insured, paying monthly for 25 years. Now I need it I can't get help. The Dental insurance that I have doesn't cover this and neither does of course the NHS.

So, my only option is to try abroad but of course I am too scared to do that as you never know who to trust, that's why I'm making this plea. Can anyone offer any advice?

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...we have excellent dentists here in Crete - of course they are private....but far far cheaper than the UK . The young Dentist in the village does amazing work....he can suspend any number of teeth onto a tooth that exists. One guy had a host of teeth suspended from one tooth - not sure how it works but I can ask for you and of course find out a price.....Ryannair fly here to Chania now ! We also have an excellent but more expensive Dentist in Chania - I have used both.....Combined with a holiday it could even be fun ! What is your budget ?....


I would be very interested in this technique, I used to be a Dental Nurse so technically as well I am interested, I have always thought that it was possible to do this but have never seen it done in the UK. I have never been to Greece but have always wanted to. It would be really amazing if you could ask for me, just a ball park figure would be something I could work on or if the Dentist speaks English I could ask the relevant questions myself via email perhaps? I have lost both my central front teeth and one next to the centre making three. Thanks you for replying I am grateful.

Reply's best to click onto ' Reply to this ' so that the person is alerted. I found your reply by chance ! Will have a chat with Giorgos and let you know....probably in a couple of days or so as I am busy today. Giorgos does speak English but not sure if he has e-mail for clients....will check !

My husband has a Cantilever Bridge put in some 50 years ago as an experiment at Eastmans - meant to be a temporary measure !! It seems impossible things can happen !


Marz you have taught me something today, I never knew about the difference in how I replied! In fact I am typing this in the wrong box as we speak!! I will copy the text and re reply as you directed.

A Cantilever Bridge, interesting, I am fascinated, I always thought it was possible and at The Eastman, I know The Eastman and all those years ago, I wonder why this option is not offered over here?


I live in Bulgaria and a friend of mine's nephew came out and had all of his rotten teeth removed (he is an ex drug addict) and a full set of implants put in for £2000, and that included his 2 week stay here.

I would never advise that much work in such a short space of time, but just to give you an idea of how cheap it is here. Unfortunately I can't recommend the dentist as she has now gone to the UK to work.


Oh I can believe that, it is completely rip off here I know from the inside and it is disgusting. Of course you have to be careful. Quick, put a call out for that Dentist! She's probably raking it in at UK prices now, shame.


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