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Dental Trauma

Could someone please offer dentist recommendations.

Recently my niece's two front teeth had been knocked and are now loose and shifted position.

A dentist has not yet carried out x-rays, but advised to give it time for heal.

She (my niece) is broken (she has many issues which she was born with and this trauma is beyond words).

Is there a chance to avoid dental implants, has anyone been in this situation?

The teeth which were hit are very healthy, is there a way to save those?

One more question once a tooth has been loosened, will it remain unstable?

Willing to travel to any dentist.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Are these her adult teeth ? Depending on how loose they are they may tighten up without treatment or if necessary they can possibly be splinted to teeth either side whilst they recover. It would be good to have an x-ray to check for fractures but the dentist may not think this necessary at this time. If there is another dentist in the practice ask for a second opinion.


Thanks for responding.

Yes, these are adult teeth. Her two teeth that neighbor the loose ones are sore but secure.

she's full of terror as brushing or any pressure moves them. she's seen two dentists one suggested to glue them and a more senior dentist said in the long run that option would cause more damage.

thank you again.


As she has seen two dentists and neither is to worried then she may just have to give it time but she must continue to brush them because if not her gum health will deteriorate which will cause more problems.


Thanks a lot.


Hi midnight23,

Since you have posted this question in a thyroid support forum, it seems logical to ask if your niece has a thyroid disorder, because that could have relevance to the healing process. Less than optimum thyroid hormone levels may well impede healing of the gum around the loose teeth.


Thank you She tested thyroid hormone levels about a decade ago on the nhs, at the time it came back fine.


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