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"Are we treating a lab test or the patient?" Useful Thyroid Tests and the Importance of Looking Beyond the Numbers

Excellent article discussing low pituitary function, low thyroid function and low thyroid activation. Includes a diagram demonstrating TSH > FT4 > FT3 paths.

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And a more sensible look fully at depression by Dr Martin Scurr:



Thanks, Mary. First time I've heard of diurnal variation of mood. Can't see how CBT will change how one feels on waking though.


It was the lines about checking the thyroid and other things, that I liked as so many would not do that! For an article about depression to contain the importance of checking the Thryoid was what pleased me. MaryF


Yes, it pleased me too as all those things were ruled out before I was diagnosed with bipolar and these days GPs seem to prescribe ADs without ruling out physical causes. He seems a very empathetic doctor. Would there were more like him.


A nice response by the Dr. I noticed the phenomena of morning depression a long time ago but didn't realise it was formally recognised as diurnal variation of mood lol! It can happen similarly with physical conditions too I think.

I wonder why her own GP didn't offer an alternative to the lorazapam rather than simply restricting it, as suggested, never mind doing the tests for depression-inducing or -exacerbating physical conditions.

The niggle for me is the standard reference to CBT just because it is NICE approved. As I have said so often that I even bore myself now, no one therapeutic intervention helps all the people all the time to fix all the problems.


I am a fan myself of promoting 'Mindfulness' which works as a great tool. I suggest it to a great many people if they ask. MaryF


I use mindfulness more generally as an approach to eating (recent research demonstrated that if we don't eat mindfully ie we watch the TV, read, talk, while we are eating, the brain doesn't log that we have eaten and so doesn't send out the full signal, to stop eating) but not in the more formal way that you mean. Do you have a link at all?


Well you can just search in your area, if I put anything up here it will look like and advert. MaryF


Was thinking more generally, such as how it developed/is practised. Will google it when my eyes have stopped stinging and being blurry ....... again ..... three nights running now grrr


Ok, if you tell me where you are located I can private message you some information. Bangor University were the first in the UK, decades back and now it is becoming increasingly main stream, even moving into schools now. Usually people do 8 week courses, and of course you only do them once, and they stop people relapsing back into depressive episodes, a tool in the box, and often top up retreats and day events for those who have done the courses when they wish to do extra. MaryF


That sounds good, thank you, I will send a pm :-)


I find it comes naturally...

as I can't remember any past or have any foresight.

Therefore permanently stuck here in 'groundhog' day

How's the movin' doin' ? J :D


Original house sold over our head to cash buyer, my language was not at it's best... new house better and if old one comes back again, I have two words, for original vendor, one begins with F, the other with O..... however the chain is moving like some sort of snail, but hopefully not ending up at Beachy Head! Hope you are well and up to speed with my latest wittering blogs! MaryF


sort of keeping up with reading, takes awhile at the mo. daren't respond much 'tho.

Still, seeing your non-plussed Slocologo makes me smile!

as for moving, 'tis something I'd rather go to the local madhouse to avoid! good luck sweety J :D


Yes well I must re locate away from the 'village of the dammed' however as I explained to the local estate agent, spoken in hissing tones, and of course in a previous blog. the next time I move house after this time, it will be in a wooden box with brass handles. MaryFx

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Apart from, Levothyroxine :o


This is what I said to my endo, "You are treating the numbers, not me as a patient", he was not best pleased but then I am not in his clinic to please him, I am there because I am ill!!


I was annoyed to see a lab note "suggest normalizing results in uncomplicated primary hypothyroidism" against a member's TSH yesterday. Suggests that labs are interfering in a patient's treatment to me.


Depression is just a label!

It's the medical professions excuse for you feeling under the weather and they have no clue how to fix it.

They can't test for why its happening because blood tests are very limited.

They seldom truly look at the patient. They are quite happy to blame your or something else.

Beside it being your biochemistry

It can be the environment be that electropollution or allergy.

Schumann wave the brain needs this frequency.

If your bed room is in the wrong place energy wise. To the rest of your house. Sometimes the negativity only comes as the earth rotates and goes as a consequence. Being energy/electricity travels in a straight line.

Smart meters mobile phone wi-fi

Are all bad they are illegal but the government wants the money.

As soon as they worked out Wind power has no substasidy. Now might cost too much.

Even though it's illegal.

We are run by idiots who will not do anything unless they see the £



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