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Period for 2 weeks and fibroids

My period has just ended after 2 weeks bleeding. Had scan on frid and have 2 tiny fibroids. Doc says that they are too tiny to be the cause if the bleeding and has put it down to hormones. Since sat I have had a dull ache on right side, loose bowels and frequent urination.. Was wondering does anyone suffer these symptoms with fibroids or if its something else I should be worried about. I also thought maybe I am taking too much supplements. I take b12 1000mcgs self medicating with added folate, calcium with added vit d prescribed by doc and spatone. My b12 was 250 range (191-663) serum folate 7.2 range (4.6-15.7)

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Does the doc have fibroids? (grumble grumble) Just like with thyroid hormone, everyone is different.

Fibroids are concentric arrangements of smooth muscle cells. A benign tumour. Under a microscope they are arranged in a circular pattern. Normal uterine muscle cells go around and around the uterus so they can contract properly to expel contents. Fibroids can't contract the uterus properly so the endometrial tissue just bleeds and bleeds because the blood vessels don't get constricted to finish the bleeding.

Small, large, who cares. They all respond in their own way. It is possible that you have a lot of endometrial thickness due to hormonal imbalance. Usually progesterone will result in a thinner endometrium and cut down on flow in a big way. Some people take birth control pills 365 days per year to prevent all this bleeding. Fibroids can shrink after menopause.

People freak out about using progesterone but it's better than bleeding to anemia.

My mother had a hysterectomy because of this. There are better options these days.


Depends where the fibroids are. I had one quite large in the cavity of the uterus and I was bleeding continuously, so it certainly could be the cause of heavy periods. This was 40 years ago and I had to have major surgery but now they can just laser them can't they? I think it's a much simpler procedure. It might be worth it to see if it helps the periods.


Hi there I had numerous fibroids over a number of years, (about 12 ops ) big ones that caused me to bleed so much I then got such a low blood count that I could not have a hysterectomy, in the end the only option was an iron infusion so I could have major surgery. One would think it would be better to remove them before they grow to big. They feed off estrogen, so continue to grow till menopause.Wishing you well.


Have you had a blood test for anaemia? I think if you become anaemic you tend to bleed more. It becomes a bit of a vicious circle. Hope you get some help soon

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Sorry to hear about your problems. Fibroids can cause bladder / bowel issues due to putting pressure on the bladder / bowel - the fact that yours are small wouldn't mean that they can't cause these problems, although something such as endometriosis could also be to blame (an MRI scan could help to confirm the position of the fibroids and possible endo).

In spite of what many medics say, it is possible to help these kind of problems without resorting to surgery and / or arificial hormones (and fibroids removed surgically frequently return). Dietary changes include cutting out dairy (contains estrogen), cutting out or at least reducing gluten, caffeine, sugar, anything acidic, processed foods, MSG, artificial sweetners, and so on. Various supplements are also beneficial, including vit C, the B vits, magnesium, CoQ10 and, most importantly in my view, Serrapeptase - it helps to get rid of any cysts, scarring, endo, adhesions, fibroids, etc.

As with all natural approaches, this isn't a quick fix - it could be a couple of months before you even start to feel any improvement - but do stick at it; it should be worth it in the long run.


Annette honey, I had fibroids and endemertious (spelling) bleed for months at a time, I had three major surgeries by the time I was 23, the last one was a total hysterectomy. Needless to say I am barren. A homeopathist told me if you have fertility problems you will always have thyroid problems. It was horrible and was in so much pain, why don't you PM me honey. And heck yes those fibroids can cause bleeding. How old are you? I have had a life time of these problems, also you will prob be wheat and or dairy intolerant, and get this endemertious can travel!!!! I know sounds crazy but I did ALLOT of reading about this. I went on the pill at around 15 stayed on it forever, then by 19 was having bad bleeding, but because I was so young they wanted to keep my ovaries, in the end I have nothing, but it was better than the pain and bleeding and I also got gangrene from my tube wrapping around my ovary. Do NOT let them put you off INSIST to have tests and more tests. I have to go to the dentist now but , PM me if you want honey. X x


Just a quick comment-an endometrial ablation is a process where the womb is frozen. Same day treatment and home, and a good alternative to hysterectomy. I almost had this procedure as my fibroids were big and causing heavy periods. Fortunately at 50 my periods came to a natural end. Hope this helps.


Hello Annette!! ..& all the girls !!!

Yes agree to above comments!!

I had fibroids but nothing was done, I became badly anemic had iron shots nothing helped, mine were smallish then but within 4 years they grew huge! nasty little blood suckers they are!! By the time of surgery one had grown to 26cm I had 3 'major' surgeries in all as they had twisted my bowl & moved organs out of the caused absolute havoc...the cells had turned cancerous so lots of tests etc...there is fantastic treatment now for fibroids, I'd get them sorted, all doctors I saw said not to worry etc can't cause anemia diariah etc but they certainly can as my symptoms were there when they were small & only stopped after having them poor stomach is a mess so please follow your instincts


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