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They have reference to various neurological rare disorders on this site.

I did a search for Maria Chariot tooth Disease.

They note that muscle weakness is associated with fluid in the brain. Or else where.

I've lost fluid over the last few weeks in my lower leg.

They also recommend Fluoxetine

for muscle weakness.

I don't know how?

The Fluoxetine must of substituted for the iodine it didn't work after a while. Probably because other elements were used up.

I am not sure where these people keep their brains.

They use antidepressants for foot neuropathy.

I know antidepressants slow up the way the body uses pain killers.


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Are you worried about losing fluid in your lower legs? It is common for undertreated/untreated hypothyroidism to develop oedema (swelling) which should, when on optimum treatment, diminish. It was usually the first clinical symptom doctors used for diagnosing before thyroid gland blood tests were introduced.

The condition you describe above is a neurological condition.

Hypothyroidism is a hormone disorder.


It's not loss of fluid all over the leg the upper part of my leg has become too soft.

While the lower part has lost muscle tone and it's red because of the infection.

It's like the content has been sucked out. Leaving very weak muscles it's like standing on stilts.

The skin is dry and brown red. Putting cream on it does

Not help. The skin is folding over. I think I should be in a neurological hospital as Lyme does not get a high temperature they don't really know what they are dealing with.

The PCT will not pay for me to have intravenous antibiotics.

A Asian doc told me to complain to the press or WatchDog in A and E.

He came from India and knows what these diseases can do.

But he can't complain.

He didn't recon much to his own colleagues in A and E.

Haveing attend A and E over 50 times since 2005. That's what they've told me?

+ out of hours and GP.

It should be explained to the PCT they are not saving money.

My GP's have not clue and try to believe how bad it is.

If I had a temperature they might do something.

Even when they admitted me with a temperature in 2009.

The notes got lost. I was sent to the psychiatric hospital.

I sometimes think we might be better off in India.

I don't know what their endocrinologists are like?

But they have all the modern

facilities the poor find it a problem in India maybe.

But for the price of a holiday

We would get treated better.

Might have to consider it.



Carol I am sorry you've had such a bad time. Can your GP not refer you to a specialist who knows how to treat you. The skin on your legs doesn't sound good to me. I don't know what specialist - dermatologist or virologist. 50 visits to A&E is a lot go you must have had something.

I have just read this link and one doctor is for and one doctor is against, so there is a big problem to begin with. The last paragraph may be helpful:-

Let's get past the fundamental argument over whether this is a chronic condition or an autoimmune response by acknowledging that it could be both. Someday we might discover that ticks aren't giving people just a bacterial infection but also a virus or a hybrid bug. Patricia Gerbarg, MD, is the coauthor of How to Use Herbs, Nutrients, and Yoga in Mental Health Care as well as a former Lyme patient. What she found, and what I support, is that certain supplements strengthen the body's ability to repair itself from the long-term problems associated with CLD. Taking vitamin B12, coenzyme Q10, chromium, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, and herbs such as Rhodiola rosea can improve energy and help with cellular repair—all key in recovering from conditions that can be as resistant as Lyme disease.

This may be helpful too.


Humm I dun it!

If you saw BBC 4's programe on Small Pox a few months back. They were going to destroy it in 1999.

Then the scientists discovered it could replicate the human Geno. It became too interesting.

Like Lyme it's used as a bioweapon.

The medical prof the government have not a clue.

Various vaccines are once again on the market. Or they will be in years to come.

HLA groups were effected with arthritis

It was band by the FDA.

If you saw the program scientists fighting over

Polio vaccine.

Those who caught it.

Say now it's known to come back in 30 or so years.

Lyme is like that.

Except we will find it's our thyroid that's weakend low T3 goes with Lyme disease.

I know I have this.



I have CMT1A (Charcot-Marie-Tooth) and have never heard of anything to do with fluid in the brain. The link shaws has given explains the disease well.

Fluoxetine has never been mentioned by my neurologist either.


It's called Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT)


they throw Anti depressants at everything when they are too lazy to find out the cause

its ridiculous


Yup they put me in a psychiatric hospital and tried to tell me it was all in my head. While they took me off my antibiotics and put me on antipsychotics I flouted up towards the ceiling alright.

Then they tried to tell me I was delusional and schizophrenic.

I went to a dermatologist the other day he tried to say my skin problems was stress.

I gave up arguing it was Lyme and intravenous antibiotics had brought the infection out...

They seem to want you to be stressed psychological.

So when you keep going back because they haven't got it right. You fall into the trap. How would you like a happy pill?

The trouble is they have a draw full themselves.

Doctors haven't got basic biochemistry right!

Too much salt is bad

Too much fat is bad

Too much statin is so good for you?

There alt to be a law. To stop the NHS making misleading statements. Then it seem brain washing patients and doctors.



Carol, you've had a truly awful experience. Thankfully you're more aware of what's wrong with you than the medical profession. I hope you will be able to get a prescription for T3 to see if that helps you. I didn't see the programmes you refer too.


My private doc nor my GP will not give me a prescription as yet.

I was sent to Dr P by my private doc. But I don't think Dr P knows


There was on info.

The thyroid in these lectures which were mention on here. They were only available free. For a limited time.

Then you brought them and the various books.

The use of Iodine directly on the ovaries/vagina.

And for hyperthyroid iodine and lithium.

Sort the thyroid out in days.

I don't know what my private doc thinks.

It costs money every time I talk to him.

I need to get the PCT to pay. As neither my GP's or the local hospital has a expert..

It's costing them more me attending on too regular basis.



I am sending you a p.m.



says there is no PCT

There are clinical Commisioning groups.

Then she said would I like too see a psychiatrist or the team.

I asked how much that neurological hospital costs for a private consultation £200 to £300

Then it does not guarantee the doctor knows enough.

I felt all weird this afternoon.

I lost my co ordination couldn't stand up. From not only the muscle pain.

I've been warn off about going to

A and E.

I can't get referred.

I fell asleep legs still weak when I work up...

I've been seeing a physio she says my muscles are weak.

I should be in some sort of specialist unit.



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