Fluoxetine and levyoxorine together???

Hi my doctor has prescribed me on 20mg of fluoxetine as have my body dysmorphia back was obsessed with being a new thyroid patient and my hair parting which is ok by the way it was all in my head and the photos were just bad lighting 😁 I've been on it since Wednesday I take my levyoxorine at 6:30am and my fluoxetine at 11am but since yesterday i can't stop yawning I'm tired I slept all day yesterday and have woke up with puffy eyes this morning is it best for me to stop the fluoxetine as it may be interfering withy levyoxorine? Or isn't just that I was tired and should take fluoxetine at night! I'm also going for cognitive therapy with my BDD so might help rather than taking the drug please advise thanks Sonya xx

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I hope you begin to feel better with levothyroxine. It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to build up in your system.

I cannot comment on fluoxetine but this is a link of side-effects towards the second part of the page:-


Thank you Xx

It's prob the anti d making you sleepy it will do for a while until your body gets used to it. It has a relaxing calming effect I would avoid driving or operating heavy machinery until you get used to it, a few weeks and the daytime sleepiness should ease. 

Thank you I might try it at night as have 2 little ones so finding it hard to be tired as my husband is nights soon and he won't be here to help like last night xx

That might be a plan!! Take them around 1 1/2 hours before you normally go to bed I think the whole point is they sort of knock you out and enable you to sleep. If you have anxiety issues they will help you relax, and sleep is something that gets disrupted as you wake up and then can't stop worrying. They can suppress your appetite as well, but things should settle quite quickly. Maybe leave out all unimportant chores and concentrate on essentials only you can catch up when your feeling better, 

I will do as need to be alert thru the day for work and the little ones hopefully it will help til it settles down thank you xx

I would take it well apart from levothyroxine in case it interferes with the uptake of levo.

I'm going to start taking it at night I was taking it at 11am so 4 hours after but think it's too close still thanks or your help xx


My son was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2010 age 13. He never took his Levothyroxine regularly. He started suffering from OCD a year later in 2011 and has suffered from severe OCD for 5 years which rendered him housebound in Dec 2014 to this day. Anyway the other day I complied his school, health and mental health records together into a ring binder in chronological order and I noticed that when he was experiencing terrible bouts of OCD and depression, his preceding blood results, that I had obtained from the GP, revealed high TSH (10.4) or low TSH (0.03).... My thinking right now is to get him to see a private endocrinologist who can prescribe him NDT because I am convinced his mental health has been affected by his Thyroid or rather a lack of appropriate thyroid treatment. 

Aww bless his heart hope you get him sorted as not nice at such a young age to be going through this. I had a few low times before diagnosis of under active thyroid. My daughter was diagnosed with autism then my dad is an alcoholic who is severely depressed at the minute and I have a 20 year old who is slightly going off the rails at the min noting major just she doesn't have any goals and she is constantly rude doesn't respect house rules etc and her and my husband are at logger heads so I think that's why they have put me on Prozac to help me cope xx

Gosh you sound like you're going though the mill too! It's hard being a mum isn't it! My daughter (14) has been diagnosed with Hashimoto too, not nice. Furthermore, my son also has FH, Familial Hypercholesterolaemia which is an inherited form of really high cholesterol (faulty gene). Nightmare. 

Just a bit but want to keep smiling I have to so hopefully il be back on track soon thank you. Hope your daughter is ok it's awful not having any control on your body and having to rely on a tablet to help think that's my problem I'm so used of being in control of what I'm doing that when I can't it makes me feel so helpless xx

Yes I like being in control too and have to control myself and two sick kids, it's draining because I have to advocate on their behalf and this means fighting their corner opposite health professionals who think they always know better....

I bet you do it's hard being a mum at times but also rewarding want more of those times so much xx

I have read of side effects which might not be pleasant with prozac.

Many people are diagnosed with mental health conditions when it is their thyroid gland which is the problem. I read that some have been sectioned It is probable that no-one checked all of their  thyroid hormones, or did any tests at all on them.

Our brain contains the most T3 and our body cannot run efficiently without it and they rarely test Free T3 to see how much is circulating. 

I'm stopping the Prozac as feel so tired on it and I hated that when first diagnosed with thyroid problems that's why I went. It's only been 3 days so hopefully the withdrawal won't be so bad touch wood x


Glad you're stopping Prozac. You probably don't need it, as Shaws said, and anyway it contains a fluoride compound - fluoride competes with iodine.

Thank you honestly I feel not good on them at all id rather wait and see if my levo helps instead it's only been the 8th week xx

I have been taking Prozac since the early 90's , it took about 5 weeks to feel any benefit.,when they kicked in I felt great, never felt tired , but then I didn't have any thyroid problems at that time.

Any anti -deppressant will negate your thyroxine.

I stopped taking them too scared didn't like the way they made me feel x

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