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13 year old boy with goiter and odd blood tests

I touched on this last month before I got results.

My son aged 13 has a goiter, scan shows inflammation (no nodules though) he is very symptomatic for hypothyroid (I am hypo).

His blood tests:

Antibodies - normal though no numbers given

TSH - 5.8 (0.34-5.6)

T4 - 10.8 (7.5-21.1)

T3 - 5.2. (3.5-5.6)

It seems a but odd that the TSH is out and the rest is normal??

we have an appointment in August with a Paediatrition Endo , but the GP thinks the TSH is not high enough to treat.

He has been having breathlessness along with fatigue and falling behind at school (which is my biggest worry ) he also has some unexplained hearing damage, though he had had Glue ear on and off since he was 9.

Any info would be great, it upsets me to see him so low.

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In my book he is hypothyroid

What is his Free T4

but is it possible he has been getting a high dose of iodine or kelp from somewhere because that could cause swelling of the thyroid as also iodine deficiency can cause a goitre


Jessiepup, I agree with RFU that your son is hypothyroid. His FT4 is low but his FT3 is very good. It's a shame your GP hasn't stated him on Levothyroxine but he probably doesn't want to start treatment the paeds endo may not be in agreement with.

A poster mentioned recently that selenium inflamed her thyroid but drinking chocolate milk which contained iodine soothed it and reduced the inflammation despite her being intolerant to milk.


I don't think he is getting excess iodine, if anything he doesn't get enough. Do you know if uk salt is iodised?


I don't think so. I've seen Pink Himalayan salt recommended and I think it's available in health food shops and probably on Amazon.


Jessie, see the references to iodine


Ok thanks, though I don't know if he needs iodine or not


Hi Samdy

Any idea if his consultant will come to this conclusion?

Will he be prescribed T3?


Thanks Sandy, I am also trying to persuade my son to try a Gluten free diet as it is the one thing that made a difference with me, (his brother has been GF since age 9 and is really well)

unfortunately he has been told by a doctor that his Thyroid is ok so he is not interested in trying - so frustrating!


I am assuming he has inherited the condition - myself, my mother, my auntie, my cousin, my grandfather , my husbands mother and auntie all have Thyroid disease of some kind.

I would be reluctant to give him iodine, I myself have tried both iodine and selenium both with extreme hyper sideffects .


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