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Goiter in 10 year old

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Hi All

looking for advise please, my step son recently came to live with us he has a HUGE goiter on his neck and is always complaining of issues with swallowing. My husband took him to the Dr who said it was nothing to worry about and they wouldn't want to do anything about it which I think is wrong? His mum claimed he had had loads of tests and was getting it removed but she kept moving around so the appointments never happened but we dont know how true this is as we are struggling to get a complete medical file on him. I want to have him back to the Dr this week and want to argue that I want tests and it sorted out but what should I be saying as my own brain fog and pathetic memory and inability to understand my own condition at the best of times (Hashis) I am not 100% what my argument for further tests should be?

He has lots of other issues that I wonder if are related to his thyroid but this goiter is bigger than a golf ball and has doubled in size in the last 2 years

Any advise welcome many thanks

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He needs an ultrasound at the very minimum to find out what sort of goitre it is.

I feel quite angry when I hear stories like this. Clearly this is not normal and should be investigated! I'm sorry you are not being listened to or getting the investigations for you step-son that he deserves.

If he has a goitre, he needs his TSH and T4 tested at the very least. These tests should be compared to the paediatric ranges at the lab where they are done. This is often different from the adult range and it is worth checking that the children's ranges are the ones quoted on the results. Iodine deficiency should also be ruled out. He should have a proper examination of his thyroid by a specialist. I would be demanding a referral, personally. The fact that he has a goitre makes it important that he has investigations into the reasons behind it. The fact it is growing makes this even more important.

What other issues does he have? These could be related to thyroid disease and shouldn't be ruled out as symptoms.

If you don't get anywhere, see another GP. They should provide a complete copy of his medical records. It may have to be his mum or dad that request it unless you also have parental responsibility. If the reason is that they don't have the records of the tests either, that is even more reason to do them again. Clearly the previous doctor felt there was reason to do them.

I hope you manage to get the tests and a proper examination. This must be very worrying for you!

Carolyn x

thanks guys I wanted to make sure I was right that it wasn't normal and does need looking at I am going to insist on him having his bloods done & referal to endo & ultrasound.

He has concentration issues is always saying swallowing hurts him and is always ill with something (though we are not sure how much of that is attention seeking tbh) but he has issues with depression - problem is he has a lot of other problems that arise from the situation around his upbringing with him mum prior to his move which was only 4 months ago but I think some of it could be to do with thyroid issues as I know I sometimes feel like I am going a little mad but I know to rationalize and tell myself its my thyroid and tomorrow will be better but if he doesn't know I do wonder if some of the mental health issues we are getting investigated are not in a way related to this.

call to drs for an appointment this week is top of mondays to do list

B12 deficiency can also cause similar symptoms alongside a thyroid problem. The two often go together. It may be worth getting this checked out too.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to PinkNinja

Agreed with all that CarolynB has written.

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Finola in reply to smileplease


I feel very sorry for you and your stepson - my suggestion is that you take his complaints at face value. It sounds like he has had a tough time prior to coming to live with you.

Having spent the last 8 years trying to get myself well and then my teenage son - who is doing well now.- my advice would be to be persistent and trust your own instincts. Don't be fobbed off - difficult I know when you don't feel all there yourself.

Does his mother have thyroid issues?

I think he is very lucky to have you in his life now. If he has thyroid problems it may also be affecting the rest of his endocrine system and could well be causing mental health issues, depression is a major symptom of low thyroid and low thyroid can lead to adrenal issues which cause anxiety, inability to concentrate. These effects are especially marked in kids approaching and going through puberty.

Look after yourself and very best wishes to you both


It must be difficult for a young boy to live with health issues like a thyroid problem as it will affect every part of his life, and I am sure he will be a different boy when you get him feeling well. I hope you will find some help for him so he can make the most of his life without all the unpleasant symptoms bothering him. Your doctor sounds a heartless fool.

What is this child's father doing throughout all this and what are his rights? What country / state are you in?

According to the YouTube video that was posted yesterday, very informative, all he needs is iodine.

* John Bergman vid about thyroid and adrenals. Can't find link.

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greygoose in reply to ukangell

One should never, ever take iodine without being tested to show one has a defficiency. It could do more harm than good - especially in a child. You don't just take an iodine tablet like you might vitamin C.

Thanks for all advice guys a referral has been made to a specialist for him so at least we are now moving forward. We have no idea about his mothers health issues she has mental health issues but as she won't even speak with us and constantly try's to tell him we are being childish or lying about her it's hard work indeed. buy hopefully we will get somewhere at the hospital now. Thanks again

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