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Results confirm I have Primary Hypothyroidism. My thyroid results on armour came back today these are tsh 0.25 t4 9.3 t3 4.2. my dose will now be increased to 1& half grains hopefully the t3 & t4 will increase a little more and I can manage the increase first time I raised  the dosage to 2 & half i had so much widespread pain so had to drop back down.

The tsh dropped from 56 to 0.25 on 1 grain over a period of 2 month My GP is not happy wants me to take less so my tsh rises I said no because it's my free T4 & T3 that needs to be adjusted now.

I will have another blood test in about 5 weeks before I see consultant

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You're doing it right, Bennion. If you get pain again cut back to 1 grain until it subsides and then increase by 1/4 grain. The T3 in NDT can suppress TSH and FT4 but your FT3 should improve when you are optimally medicated. Does your GP prescribe Armour or are you self medicating under his supervision?

Ask for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate to be tested as they often drop or become deficient in the year prior to hypothyroid diagnosis. Ferritin shoud be 70-90 and the others high in range to ensure good absorption and FT4 to FT3 conversion.


My Endo prescribes the armour for me my GP isn't happy I hope when I see my endo in July she doesn't start worrying about the tsh. I take vitamin D daily & I

been taking 1 x 210 mcg ferromate daily now for 8 months my levels were low I have a iron blood test again in 5 weeks .

My B 12 is over 1000 but not sure about folate. It's hard to take more iron as it interferes with absorption of armour which I split during the day . I try to take the iron before I go to sleep .

I try to keep to a diet without sugar sugar and wheat/gluten .


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