DICLOFEX (diclofenac sodium)

Having had foot surgery on Monday, I was prescribed Co-codemol for pain relief, but after having a hot/red face all day, I had a dramatic reaction to it last night - faint, dizzy, shaky, copious vomiting ....... I've just collected some Dicloflex 25mg gastro-resistant tablets from the pharmacy which were prescribed as an alternative, after a nurse telephone consult this morning. I've not had them before and I see they are NSAIDS. Any advice please, on taking them? I take my T3/4 at bedtime.Thank you.

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((( Hypnoteq ))) hope you feel better soon. If you can take the pain relief 2 hours away from thyroid meds good, but if the pain is bad I think you have to take them as and when and accept that you may have less thyroxine absorption temporarily and up your meds to compensate if necessary.

Thank you Clutter. :-)

Will do.

They make me really tired...but good for inflammation..

Thanks dgleds, I wasn't aware of the tiredness but am happy if it also improves the pain in my right thumb lol. Using the crutches pro temp is reminding me how much my thumb can ache .....

Don't take them at the same time as your thyroid meds, diclofenic interferes with the uptake of thyroid meds.

Thank you Glynisrose. I thought it was likely to. The practice nurse and pharmacist were concerned only about the diminution of my anti-hypertensives.

Also be careful with Diclofenac if you have any stomach issues, it can cause problems.

Thanks ceejayblue - bloating and cramping but other than that (need to go G-F?...) I'm okay I think.

Whatever else you do, make sure you take the Dicloflex with or immediately after food, otherwise it may damage your stomach lining. (I've been taking 100mg of it in its slow-release form for about 20 years though, and no problems with my stomach as far as I know.)

Thank you Jbthom. Hope you benefit from it too.

forgot about the tummy thing, but yes that's correct, can bug your guts! Just eat or have milk(if u can)...

Thanks for the milk suggestion dgleds. I have such a restricted calorie intake on weekdays that I ran out of food to eat last night so had to miss my last dose.............. ;-)

sounds familiar

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