Vitamin D supplements always cause me constipation! Can anyone recommend a good brand?

I know the best source is the sun which is fine at the moment but whatever supplements have been prescribed by my GP and she has prescribed several different lots over the years I always get constipated if I take them regularly. Even ones I've bought from the health shop have had the same effect. I once bought a very concentrated one from the health shop in tincture form but it was really expensive and had a ridiculous stopper every time I tried to get at the tincture which was in a tiny bottle. It is Vit D3 I've been prescribed. My GP thought it was the calcium and then prescribed me a new brand without the whatever it was that she thought was making me constipated. As soon as I opened them guess what was one of the biggest side-effects? Constipation! Grrr

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  • This is just a guess. I'm wondering whether its actually the Vit D causing the constipation or whether taking Vit D is worsening an existing magnesium deficiency. Many people don't realise that if you're taking Vit D in biggish amounts that you need to be taking magnesium and probably Vitamin K as well - they all work synergistically together. Of course, magnesium is fabulous for fixing constipation anyway. A couple of tabs of magnesium citrate often works wonderfully for me. :)

  • Thanks LilyMay - I'll try that. I think you can buy formulas. I did also buy a Floradix one but I think that made me constipated too :-( though I think that was the iron one rather than Vit D and magnesium one!

  • K2 is what you need to add your vit d supplements.

  • FFZ, Magnesium can be taken until your bowels become loose and then you go back to the previous dose. Zinc is also co-dependent and synergistic with magnesium. 1-2,000mg vitamin C can have a loosening effect too. I use Solgar or Now vitD softgel caps taken with food as fat is needed to absorb vitD.

  • Thanks - I've got some Vit C tablets that contain sorbitol which is a laxative though I prefer taking Vit C naturally

  • I have to take 24 movicols,16 semna tablets and 8 magnesium tablets to manage to go to loo every 8 days.Good job I not on iron too! X

  • pips, okra works. Eggplant, tomatoes, courgettes, winter squash, green beans, asparagus. I eat 4 cups of veg every day to keep things moving. Not leaves. Lettuce and etc. doesn't work at all. Beans work. They contain fibre and magnesium. And I take magnesium.

    I eat to poop.

    That's how I coped with being hypo.

  • That's a lot, Pippins! :-)

  • Try oral spray Vit D - I use Dlux. That doesn't involve your digestive system at all. Sun exposure is better than any supplement though.

    I'm on ferrous fumarate tablets for iron at the moment and I'm glad to report I do not get constipated. I always have in the past on iron. I've tried floradix and spatone, but ferrous fumarate is by far the best.

    If you're taking magnesium don't bother with magnesium oxide as the absorption rate is very low. Try chelated magnesium, like mag glycinate, or ionic liquid mag - much better absorption.

    And I agree with gabkad - veg, veg, veg should help to get it all moving.

    Good luck x

  • Yes, I have lots of veg, ellie, but they don't make much difference when prescribed Vit D but I'll try some of these suggestions. Thanks :-)

  • Also it's important to take Vit C with iron to aid absorption. It can also help to prevent constipation as if you have a little too much it can have a laxative effect, but no harm is done. It may be that the laxative effect of Vit C balances the constipating effect of iron. Also make sure you space any calcium supplements you take at least two hours away from the iron. Calcium can diminish the absorption of iron. A lot to remember I know! You want the best from your supplements though right?!

  • Yes! Though it's the Vit D that are causing the problems with constipation but not in the last couple of days!

  • I take vit. D3 in drops by Natural Factors. No side effects. Even Dr. P. recommended it.

  • Thanks massao

  • Bio-D-Mulsion Forte - it's in an oil base and easy to absorb. Oils and fats help - ermm - substances -- to pass through you more quickly. In fact one Russian doctor reckons that constipation is caused by too much fibre and not enough fats.

  • Thanks Angel

  • Maybe try liquid vit. d. Rubbed into skin it bypasses the stomach and therefor probably not cause your prob. Of course it is a matter of opinion if supplements can be absorbed transdermally.

    Good luck with whatever you try - lots of suggestions!

  • Thanks foxglove :-)

  • I don't get on with vitamin D supplements either. I've tried tablets and spray under the tongue. Makes me feel spaced out even when my magnesium is at a good level.

  • I'm glad it's not just me, loopy.

  • so I've been taking 50,000 units once a week for 4 weeks now and you mentioned loopy, or spaced out....I have had the oddest week ever! and constipation,which made me come to this site in the first place...but you suppose that's all due to vitamin d? and my hot flashes are back big time...

  • I've recently started back on the vitamin D because it's so low and was feeling quite depressed for no reason. Taking 2000iu a day, it's quite a low dose but I don't think I could cope with any more. I still feel spaced out, although I'm persevering for a few more weeks to see if it gets worse or better - it might just be a case of all the hormones "finding their levels" . The thing is, when the sun is out I feel great, especially in the summer when there is weeks and weeks of sunshine, the good feeling can last well into the autumn. I did read that any strange reactions to Vitamin D supplements could be problems with the parathyroid, and an indicator of those going wrong is high blood calcium levels. Last time they were checked for me was when I was at my worst, they were mid-range so I *think* I'm OK, but it'd do no harm to get them checked again. All the other symptoms of parathyroid problems are the same as hypothyroid :-(

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