new chat? weight loss via the low carb route. Discuss?

I lost weight successfully some years ago via strict Atkins though not well enough any more to pursue the whole ketosis thing now being hypo. Have however decided to attempt a healthier version of low carb and would really appreciate any input from any of you who are doing so in particular - what are you eating? Cant bear the thought of a complete meat fest - thinking of protein shake for breakfast and maybe the odd lunch? Eggs, lean meat and plenty of salad?

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The healthier version of low carb is known as Paleo (a slight variant is Primal). Many believe that the real benefit of low crab isn't so much ketosis, but the fact you're forced to eat unprocessed food. I'll just go and have a hunt for some links...

Best to go with blood type as more personal.

Many years ago a doctor introduced me to the "carbaholics' diet." It was based on the diabetic exchange lists but allowed less carbohydrate. I found I had to reduce it even further, down to 60 g/day, by replacing carbs with protein. If you Google "carbaholic" or "carboholic," you'll find a variety of sites and support groups for people who can't tolerate much carbohydrate (usually due to reactive hypoglycemia, which is my problem). Unfortunately, as a vegetarian, I can't figure out how to adapt the diet without eating enough eggs I'll start clucking!

Been there. :) Dr Charles Clark also has a diet (High Protein Diet) that allows 40-60g carb per day, which includes (gasp :)) a slice of bread and one piece of fruit. A type 2 diabetic friend of mine has done brilliantly on it - no medication, really slim now, fit as a butcher's dog etc.

Just gone on to Amazon and bought this after your recommendation. The reviews on Amazon are mostly excellent - and I am so desperate, but HATE diet books...I have a whole unread library of the b***** things!

Here's a link to the shopping list for Primal: to give you some idea of what to eat.

Mark's Daily Apple is a great site for background info.

High protein is probably not the safest way to go. Have a look at the low carb high fat sites such as diet doctor. I have lost 10 kg since April following lchf and I am also dairy free. I probably go in and out of ketosis and I am never hungry.


I think Dr Clark's book is unfortunately named - the focus is more on low carb than it is on high protein, but I guess he wanted to be different. Good point though - low carb *and* low fat are a terrible combination.

Oh - that's the Swedish guy, right? I remember Google-translating his Swedish site years ago. He's great. His Ancestral Health talk is well worth a watch.

I can't seem to see your message on here, but it came to my inbox. But to respond to the bit I did see. Of course I ate more than broccoli. I ate fruit and only fruit low in sugar

My two cents worth. Have your own diet. Not all diets work for everyone. And you should never diet. Dieting suggest something short term. What you should aim for is a total transformation in how you eat. Which is long term and overall much better for you. Some people diet for a set period, lose the weight then go back to their original eating plan. I'm sure you can guess the result.

My suggestion is to first learn how your body works, how it process food. And that's half you battle won. Knowledge is power. Your body needs some of everything, but in moderation. Some people can get away with having bread while others just think about it and they gain. Find out what works for you.

I've done well on no rice, no potato, no bread, just broccoli and meat or fish. But then there are times I need that other stuff, so I have it. But little. Learn you body, listen to your body and you will have your result.

I think most of us would lose weight eating broccoli and fish/meat. :D ;)

Do you think being on T3 has helped too--or have you always been on T3 since your TT?

Now I see this reply. After TT I was given t4 only. Work for a month and I was back to the usual but a little worse. I've always known about t3 because in the fitness community it's used for cutting fat. I also knew about it being thyroid replacement. I just added it to my regime. Started small and increase as I went along. Pains stop almost immediately and I was able to function. I think doctors are reluctant to prescribe because they misguidedly think it increases heart rate. I've never had a problem with it as I do monitor my HR. But I will say, that if your lifestyle is sedentary then you may feel the effects. But if you're accustom to pushing your HR to the150/160s then you don't feel it.

I have been eating LCHF (low carb high fat) for the last 5 years. The only diet that helps me control my weight and repair my cholesterol issues. I bake my own bread from various nuts, seeds and eggs and eat it with a thick layer of real butter and fat cheese. I eat eggs, cheeses, cream, meat, fish and vegetables growing above the ground. No hunger, stable blodsugger. see Lots of evidence that this diet (lifestyle) is the way to a healthy and lean body, although it means eating the opposite of what we have been told for years to eat. Worth taking a closer look at this homepage.

Thanks for all the amazing feedback, links and humour lol! Seems to be the way to go.. Will cut out all bread pasta spuds etc - concentrate on proteins and healthy veg and possibly buy one of those protein shake things for emergency only. Ive weighed in this morning at 15stone exactly which is far too heavy for my height- will hopefully post a bit less by end of week - heres hoping! And thanks again lovely people xx

There is this diet called the Harcombe diet and the lady says that if the atkins worked for you but you can't face going back on it then to look at the Harcombe. I haven't tried it myself but intend to as I can't face the atkins again although it worked for me. I lost a stone in 6 weeks and felt great but enough was enough.

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