Good News today

I have been to see the gastroenterologist today. He has agreed that I AM COELIAC without having the biopsis.

Having been gluten free for the last three months my ferritin has gone up from 8 to 27 already.

He wants to see me in six months time when I hope that my ferritin will be at an acceptable level and that the last weakness and breathlessness will be gone.

Having been T3 for the last five months all my pain has gone.

Already I feel a different person.


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Wonderful to hear some good news!

There is an answer out there, for all of us. I agree, the T3 definitely solves the pain issue for me, too.

So good to hear some good news and the GF diet has proved that your body is better able to absorb nutrients such as iron much better. I was always anaemic til I was told by an allergy specialist to go wheat free. I am now gluten free and lactose free and think I may need to reduce my levo!

What problems does lactose bring you? I hope that I never have to give up milk!

I had very high TPO and after research, thanks to this site, I went GF and lactose free. TPO came right down. I buy "lactofree" milk, cheese and cream and don't bother with yoghurt. I also use organic rice milk on my GF cereal. It is a pain if you have to watch ingredient labels, but I have always made most of my meals from scratch. Hope you continue to improve

Thank you Crimple, As I am now eating eggs, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, I don't need milk for cereals etc. As long as I can have milk in tea and coffee plus a little hot milk at bedtime I will stick to that and hope for the best.

Great news, Kathleen,

Have you been taking any iron supplements?

I have read that for most people who opt for the gluten free diet will have better absorption and mostly on iron and magnesium. Ferritin levels will certainly continue to improve as per Dr William Davis.

Yes Melanie I have been on ferritin aupplements for the last five years and still continuing. Just had an appointment come through with the dietitian in August!

Thank you, Kathleen. Great news!

My ferritin levels dropped a great deal in one year. I have tested negative twice on gluten and with additional biopsies but the drop in all my minerals was an like an eye opener. I have been gluten green for 3 months now. Hoping for some improvements with the upcoming blood test in August

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