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More good news!


Have just come back from seeing my GP.

I took my "Dr Toft's Understanding Thyroid Disorders" with me and he immediately said I can see you've been reading and agreed what a good series of books the BMA Family Doctors Books are.

I said I was greatly encouraged that things were moving in the right direction after he had increased my thyroxine from 50mcgs to 75mcgs and my TSH had gone from 4.08 to 1.7. and I was hoping that he might increase my thyroxine further to get my TSH below 1 and also get my T4 tested + my B12 vitamins.

He straight way suggested I go up to 100mcgs and agreed to the other tests,though he said the lab don't always do the T4 if your TSH is right because they assume that the T4 will also be right too.However we will put it down and see what happens.Get your tests done after 6 weeks on your new dosage and we'll see how things go.I was speechless !!!

We then progressed on to what a good weekend it had been for British Sport and I left feeling like everything was going to be OK and my GP is working with me to get things right.

Have a good week everyone.

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Wow - fantastic! Not surprising you feel cheered up. You have a good week too,

Liz :-)


Great news!

It's fantastic your GP is working with you - and congratulations to you for preparing and knowing what you wanted from the visit.

Perhaps the next appointment I make will be timed after the next good weekend for British sport ;)



absolutely brilliant , just goes to prove that not all gp's still live in the dark ages ....great to hear that he/she was willing to listen to other advice --- that they are not aware of ----- and then act on it ..... maybe some of us will be able to teach some of these ' professionals ' that not everything is learned in the classroom ==== but real life comes from experience ===== I hope you feel very proud of yourself , not only for you but also for any other that follow on to that particular gp [ you may well have helped them ]....alan



Thank you for your comments.....they were very kind.

We would all be so happy wouldn't we if diagnosis and treatment could be greatly improved for our future generations.My own mother's hormone problems started way back in the 1941 blitz as a result of giving birth to me and she wasn't diagnosed until she was sixty.


not kind but truthful , I could not agree more with you in that if the correct diagnosis and then , even more important , the correct treatment would not only improve our lives but also ALL the future generations which we all have to strive for ......all our thoughts are with you and your family ...alan kim & the little one xxx


Many thanks for that husband and I send our best wishes to you and your family too.


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