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Just received thyroid panel and cortisol results. Any comments greatly received.

Hi forum. Been feeling very hyper this past few weeks. Have had RAI ablation 6-7 yrs ago. Have Graves. Ive been feeling very unwell over the past few weeks that included tremors; tinnitis; overheat +++; hands and feet very red with pins and needles; irritable bladder; anxiety +++.; weight loss +++ which I was putting down to cutting out gluten and sugary foods and coming off anti-depressants. Had a lot of support from the forum, and tried vits and mineral replacements, but anxiety was totally off the scale 7 days ago, so went to see my GP. Was started on Amitriptilline 10mg which did absolutely nothing, apart from giving me even MORE anxiety!!. Went back to see another GP last Monday, who told me to increase Amitriptilline up to 40mg if necessary. OMG!!! I was crawling the walls!!. After this, I decided to go and get my bloods checked at B H. ( As GP kept insisting that my symptoms were all YES.....WAIT FOR IT..... Anxiety/depression!) Had thyroid panel checked and also Cortisol and DHEA Sulphate,

My reults were TSH 0.059 (0.270-4.200), free T4 20.8 ( 12-22); FreeT3 4.4 ( 3.1-6.8); Cortisol 629nmol ( 171-536); DHEAS 1.7umol ( 0.7-12.5).

Just to add, that I was given 60mg of prednisolone (tapering off) that I stopped on the 17th April, due to a GED "flare up". My present dosage of Levo is 75/100 alternate mornings, but I have now gone down to 75 as I just feel SOO hyper. I think that my TSH is far too low although T3 and T4 are within the range, but these levels don't suit my body. Does anyone agree with my decision to reduce down? My GPs are NOT thyroid friendly and one of them didn't even know what an active B12 was!! All comments welcome. Thanks. Lynne

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Someone will respond re your blood tests as I am not too good at them.

Instead of prescribed Amitriptilline why did he not prescribe T3 - yours is a bit low. See this link - go to date September 24, 2002.

Even though your not depressed and the GP gives you a label, read this:


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