Help with iorn levels please!!!

I am hypothyroid and have suffered severe hair loss. I am supplementing b12, zinc, selenium and magnesium as I'm severely deficient. My ferritin level is 127 mg/L- my doctor could not tell me the reference range ( as he could not find it on his computer) but did say it was within the normal range. I wonder if I need to supplement iron as well - advice welcome. Thank you.

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This is a link which may be helpfu re your hairloss. It is a very common complaint:-

thank you for that - I started the nizoral today.

I don't know if it works personally but hope so. It is distressing when you lose so much hair.

If you are taking B12 - which one is it and how much ? You also need to take Folic Acid as the two work together....

The above website should tell you everything you need to know about B12 - and BEYOND. Ferritin looks OK.

Hi there, thank you for your reply! I am reading up on B12 and beyond - beyond being methylation - it is interesting and complicated.

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