The Nutri Centre

The Nutri Centre

Here at Thyroid UK we have been contacted by some of our members regarding problems ordering products and speaking to Customer Services at The Nutri Centre.

I have today spoken to Mark Donnelly, Operations Director at The Nutri Centre. He told me that they moved their contact centre, which deals with sales and customer services, to a different location which meant training new staff members. Unfortunately, this transition has not gone very well - he underestimated the number of staff needed and the number of calls they would have.

He apologises profusely for the stress and problems caused to any customers who have been unable to contact them.

However, things are improving and waiting times have drastically improved - although not yet as quick as he would like. More training is taking place and he feels things should be back to normal within a week or two.

If you know of anyone who has been having problems contacting The Nutri Centre, please share this post.

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  • I have given up on them :( Too many times have they let me order items that are not in stock, not informed me, then I've spent too long on the phone trying to get a refund. Has anyone tried the Natural Dispensary? I've heard they also offer discounts for practitioners and organisations, I'd be keen to hear feedback about them before ordering! Thanks

  • I've been having trouble with Nutri Centre lately. They're usually slow - or they have been since I've been buying Nutri Adrenal/Thyroid from them - but this time was worse than ever. After seeing Dr P who advised me to take NAX instead of the ordinary NA I ordered some from them. 10 days later I was still waiting for them to arrive - with the NA running out rapidly. I emailed them, but it took nearly a week for a reply which I got this morning. They claim that they did send them out to me a few days after my order - but they must have got lost in transit! I'm not sure I believe them. Anyway, they say they'll send some more free of charge. It will be interesting to see if these turn up.

    Is there anywhere else in the UK you can get Nutri products?

  • sell nutri products at a good price and deliver promptly in my experience.

    Edited: to add that I use the Nutri Centre and haven't had any problems.

  • That's great. Thanks Rosetrees! :-)

  • I placed two orders with them recently and they both arrived promptly.

  • I also got my Nutri Adrenal Extra and Q10 from Your Nutrition Shop a month ago without a problem.

  • I called them to ask some info and advice about Nutri Adrenal Extra and breastfeeding. The person on the phone didn't have a clue and couldn't wait to get off the phone..... Anyway I decided to stop BF but still, I wasn't very happy with their customer service. Might order somewhere else in future.

  • At this point I too have given up on them. I had successfully used them, for many years and been grateful for the discount. They had always been prompt with the ordering and delivery, any issues were usually sorted out.

    I have mostly emailed my orders in and just phoned to pay for it by credit card. The last one I placed a month ago, I still haven't had a response to. I tried phoning them after waiting half an hour to get through, I gave up, tried again half an hour of waiting, gave up. Also had an order for toothpaste about 3 months ago, which was out of stock, still waiting, nothing.

    In one way they did me a favour, I had a look on Amazon and the items I wanted were cheaper. I hope Nutri buck their ideas up big time, I for one have run out of patience.

  • Hi, I ordered some things from Nutri Centre in mid-April and am STILL waiting for some things to arrive. No-one even answered the customer service phone for 2 weeks. In complete desperation I pressed the button to speak to a nutritional therapist, who very kindly gave me the contact details of the person in charge of sales. Numerous phone calls and e-mails later, some of my stuff arrived but not all, and I'm still trying to sort out a refund. I won't be ordering from them again. It may be a little cheaper, but if it never arrives / arrives too late, and you spend an age of time chasing it, it really isn't worth the effort.

  • I am also having problems with the Nutri Centre ordered supplements a week ago last Monday they arrived on the Saturday when I opened the Mega EPA they were all stuck together so I rang them on Monday and was told they couldn't do anything about until they were returned and they would send me an envelope to return them in and I am still waiting for the envelope. I have been using them for years but now feel that it is time to find a new supplier.

  • Hi Margaret, Can I send my contact your comments?

  • Thank you for your reply I have been able to contact the Nutri centre I got a person's name from the nutritionist I use but thank you once again

  • Following my earlier post about this above, I'm currently trying to get a refund from NutriCentre for goods not received. I ordered NutriAdrenal Extra on 19 May - nothing arrived. Emailed them on 29 May and got a response by email on 2 June saying they'd send a replacement - still nothing received. So today I've just emailed them again for a refund.

    Lyn - if you see this post and you're going to be in touch with them I'd be very happy for you to pass on my comments to them. No way will I be using them again. Hopeless service! :-( I hope they send the refund - otherwise I fear they are just a bunch of crooks.

  • Ha! Just had the following automated email back from them:

    "Thank you for your email. We are currently experiencing a higher than anticipated email volume which is causing a delay in our response. We are taking immediate and urgent action to address this shortfall in service and aim to respond to your email as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,

    The Nutricentre Team"

    I won't hold my breath for a speedy refund then!

  • STILL waiting for my refund *sigh*. Opened up a PayPal claim the week before last ... but they haven't bothered to respond. Hopefully PayPal will refund me soon. I'll never use Nutri Centre again. Lots of people with the same problem have posted on their Facebook page too. :-(

  • Hi Caroline, you will definitely get a refund via Paypal - I've seen that lots of people on their Facebook Page have got their refunds this way - apparently Nutri Centre never reply to the Paypal Claim so it goes through fine. Outrageous that we all have to get our money back this way! They made their entire call centre redundant a few months ago and outsourced it somewhere to save money which is just one of the causes of the problems, madness! Hope you get a refund soon, I would write and complain to Tesco as Tesco own them and should step up and intervene!

  • Thanks SandyElla - yes, I'm sure I'll get the money back soon. I've found a reliable supplier on Amazon now - who sells them cheaper anyway. I didn't realise Tesco owns NutriCentre. I might just contact them about this. I doubt if NutriCentre will continue in business much longer after this as a lot of people seem to be saying they'll never use them again. So much for them trying to save money - not good if it means you lose all your customers! :-(

  • Hello All

    I am the Operations Director at the NutriCentre, please feel free to contact me if I can deal with any issues. My email address is



  • Hi Mark, People may not get notification of your post. Would you like me to put a post up giving your contact details?

  • That would be great thanks, whatever I can do to support your members I will. Thanks, Mark.

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