Nutri Adrenals - feedback wanted

I realise there have been many posts written on this subject, but thought it preferable to start a new one:

I have been wondering if I should try Nutri Adrenals as it seems (this is how interpret previous posts here) that they actually help heal the adrenals?

I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue back in 2011 by Hertoghe doctor, put on Medrol (doctor said I should not be on HC as I tended to retain fluid, but that could be because I had spent ten years on T4 only and had low FT3 levels in blood and almost undetectable levels of T3 in 24 h urine analysis). Anyway, I spent three years on Medrol, taking 6 mg daily at most and 4 mg daily most of the time, and actually did well on it. But it's a powerful steroid and I did not want to stay on it indefinitely, so managed to wean it off. It wasn't easy, but not that I am finally off it I'd prefer not to go back on it.

I'd also prefer to stay off HC (I know it can be ordered online) for much the same reason; even if "natural", it's still a powerful steroid, and some claim both Medrol and HC can make the adrenal glands sluggish...which of course is the opposite of what I am trying to achieve here.

I have been on American Biologics Adrenal Cortex for some time and feel it's beneficial, but maybe not powerful feels like something is lacking energy-wise.

However, I understand Nutri Adrenal contains whole adrenal so adrenaline...?

But since it's often recommended by Dr. Peatfield (who I understand works much like Dr. Hertoghe) it must be good, although it contains adrenaline which is often said to be overstimulating in patients with adrenal fatigue...?

I have been doing a lot of research lately on adrenal fatigue support supplements, and Nutri Adrenals seems to be getting consistently good reviews. However, before giving it a try, I'd appreciate feedback (good or bad) from those having tried it.

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  • Anna69,

    I'm not sure you can get hold of Nutri products at the moment. There seems to be some hold up getting them shipped from America since January.

  • Thanks! Yes, I looked it up, and it seems NAX has been out of stock everywhere for several months...some suppliers even say they don't know if it will be back in maybe the same thing will happen to NAX that happened to Isocort a few years back...which I never took, but understand many used and loved.

  • Sometimes adding low dose sublingual DHEA and Pregnenolone is more beneficial then adding Adrenal products especially for hypothyroidism .

  • Thanks! I am scheduled to have labs the day after tomorrow and will see what they say; if DHEA levels are lowish, I could add it along with pregnenolone.

  • Anna for sure you can take it together . However if your going to dose with Pregnenolone just take half the amount of DHEA . Personally I found that Adrenal support was very stressful on my adrenals for some reason Pregnenolone and DHEA is better for me . Also hypo patients usually not all need a low dose of DHEA .

    Wishing you success .

  • Thanks for the advice and input! Adrenal support contains adrenaline which can be very stressful for people with Hashimoto's which I have, which is why I am a bit hesitant to try NAX...there is a product called Swanson DHEA and Pregnenolone Complex, but each capsules contains 25 mg of DHEA and 100 mg of pregnenolone...which sounds like quite a lot to me. I guess this is the same problem you have with NDT; that is, each capsule contains hormones in a fixes ratio which may or may not be ideal for you...

    In this context, I'd be interested in hearing from you and others having tried both DHEA and pregnenolone successfully: how much did you take of each?

  • anna , personally for me that would be way to high of a dose .However you could split the capsule and doing it sublingually . I prefer having a separate DHEA and Pregnenolone . My tablets are 5mg each . I cut them into half's and into quarters .

  • Thanks again:-)

  • Your so welcome ....

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