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I have had a tonsillitis and a virus for quite few weeks now and cannot get myself back on my feet. I feel physically and emotionally drained.

I take Thyroxine 100mcg once a day due to the removal of my thyroid gland 8 years ago.

I want to take a tonic to try and give a boost. I took Floradix many years ago after a hysterectomy and it really helped.

I have a gallbladder op coming up and also a tooth extraction, so I really need a lift.

Is Floradix ok to take with Thyroxine as it contains ocean kelp, which I think is a no no with thyroid problems. Or failing t hat can anyone recommend a good tonic.

Any advice wo uld be greatly appreciated as I feel very low, physically and emotionally.

DEN. xx

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Hi Den,

If you haven't had a recent thyroid gland blood test, ask your GP for one. TSH, T4 and T3 (probably wont do T3 if TSH in range). If you've had one get a print-out with the ranges from the surgery as it will enable members to comment.

Ask also for a vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as we are usually deficient. You could be undermedicated and your results will indicate that.


Ok Shaws, thank you.

I am due a thyroid blood test and have the form sitting on my dressing table, but have been to poorly to go. The test is also my cholesterol levels, which are also high, and as this is fasting you have to get to our local hospital about 7.00 in the morning to join the long queue. All of which at the moment are to much trouble.

I am just finishing my second lot of antibiotics (1st Amoxcillan and now Penicillan). Feel really nauseous.


I think antibiotics often conflict with Levo and it may be that thyroid levels are badly affected, which will make matters worse for you. Definitely try to get a thyroid blood test, as you may need to increase your dose. Post results here for advice and include reference ranges please, as labs vary.


I would agree with the other ladies I know it's hard when you feel like this. Can someone go with you and help you through the whole blood test process? I havent tried myself but my sis in law tried Berocca and said it worked. But again check the ingredients to make sure it is ok for you plus if you are having b12 test check when you need to stop taking it for the test to be realistic. Good luck xx


Are your vit D levels ok? My daughter who doesn't have a thyroid problem had constant attacks of tonsillitis which just did not clear up and was found to have a vit D level of 5! Since a course of high dose Vit D and now maintenance dose for 9 months she has only had one attack (inevitable I guess as she is a teacher in a special needs school) which cleared up very quickly.

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Thank you for all your replies. Sorry I am late in acknowledging them as I have been very poorly.


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